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it used to be that when the words “bachelor pad” were uttered, visions of worn or mismatched furniture left over from one’s college years and dirty laundry littering the floor sprung to mind. thankfully, this is not always the case….and quite honestly, should really neverbe the case!

just because a guy is, well, a guy doesn’t mean that thoughtful attention cannot be paid to his dwelling! actually, i would argue that even more care should be given to his space especially considering his potential day to day work load, stresses and obligations! as oprah is famous of saying “your home should rise up to greet you” ……like receiving a giant hug when you walk through the door at the end of your day – a place of refuge from the outside world, a place of tranquility and comfort, a place where one feels well cared for.

Master suite interior design by NYC’s top interior design firm Darci Hether New York

for this sophisticated and chic bachelor master bedroom i swathed the walls with a gorgeous grey grass cloth wallpaper which immediately added warmth and texture to the room.

Master suite with a custom built-in for storage complete with custom hardware in the form of asymmetrical bronze bands

i designed the custom built-in (and the stunning custom bronze hardware!) to not only add interest to the space but also allow for some of the homeowner’s personality to be showcased and shine through with his personal effects.

no detail was left unnoticed!….from the custom designed bronze hardware to the thoughtful mix of colorful and patterned fabrics i selected for the bespoke throw pillows, the retreat that was created not only ensured an immediate calming sensation but set the mood for relaxation and decompression.

are you a bachelor? what does your space say about you? does it rise up to meet you at the end of a hard day? with a few carefully curated elements and thoughtful accessories your space can be transported from collegiate chaos to a dignified dwelling!


UPDATE 4/12/18: want to see more of this masculine park ave apartment? check out this blog post about the apartment’s instagram-famous foyer!

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