lady kitty spencer in the gallery/foyer of my park ave project
lady kitty spencer – via instyle uk

imagine my surprise when i saw that lady kitty spencer—princess diana’s beautiful niece—was recently featured in instyle in the foyer of my park ave project! apparently, the british royal was in town for new york fashion week and took instyle behind the scenes at the ralph lauren show.

because they were going behind the scenes, she was also photographed putting on finishing touches in the bathroom…

lady kitty spencer in the bathroom of my park ave project
left: instyle. right: my park ave bathroom

… and snuggling up with a mug of tea in the bedroom.

lady kitty in the bedroom of my park ave project
left: instyle. right: my park ave master bedroom

but seeing her in the apartment’s gallery/foyer space got me thinking. i’ve blogged about the bedroom & bathrooms before, but the stately foyer is one of my favorite parts of this chic park ave apartment, so i thought i’d do a little behind-the-scenes of my own!

this apartment was purchased as an estate property (code for total gut renovation required). we ripped up all of the flooring, moved a couple walls, spent ages taking down horribly dated wallpaper, and completely renovated the two horrendous old bathrooms.

gallery/foyer floor in progress - park ave - darci hether ny

it was decided early on in the design process that the foyer was going to act as my client’s gallery space to highlight their incredible art collection. to that end, we wanted to clearly define the space. we added drama to the ceiling with the installation of a gorgeous high gloss wall covering and show-stopping light fixture. but the greatest delineation of space came through the installation of a super chic patterned tile floor utilizing two different stone finishes.

once the specification of the stone colors, finishes and sizes were finalized and the painstaking calculations were buttoned up, my team got to work laying the tile.

after all of the tile was installed and grouted, we took it one step further by having it diamond polished, providing an extremely smooth, seamless finish that just glowed. with the floors completed, i finished this space off with some bright accessories that pulled pops of color from our client’s fantastic art collection.

then it was time for the big reveal!

park ave - gallery - foyer - pops of color in this stately and masculine park ave apartment - darci hether ny

i hope lady kitty enjoyed her stay! and if you want to learn more about this project, check out the incredible bathroom renovation, my tips for crafting masculine bedrooms, and be sure to take a look at the rest of this stunning apartment.


cheers ~ darci