mulled white wine glogg

i just love a beautiful & delicious cocktail. i think a cocktail should be more than just a drink — it should be a visually-pleasing accent! it can make a bold statement and leave your guests swooning over your beautiful aesthetic. with that in mind, these are some of my absolute favorite cocktail recipes. these stunning winter cocktails are perfect for your guests new years eve or just pour one for yourself!

i put together this list of cocktails to celebrate the lead-up to christmas with #12daysofcocktails over on my instagram, but then i thought — let’s put these somewhere they can all be enjoyed in one place!

speaking of instagram, it’s been an eventful year! my baby instagram is growing up — we’re almost at 600 followers! i’ve enjoyed posting about my design process, my projects, and inside shots of a day in the life of an interior designer in new york (which, yes, sometimes includes cocktails)!

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so here you have it: 12 days of winter cocktails. pour yourself a drink and be ready to swoon!

hennessy hot toddy // winter champagne cocktail // pomegranate peppermint moscow mule // hot buttered hazelnut whisky // winter bourbon smash // pomegranate mint champagne // hot buttered rosemary cider // mulled white wine // champagne margarita // pomegranate mulled wine // glogg // broiled bailey’s hot chocolate


bonus: this fireplace from one of my nantucket projects would be the perfect place to curl up with a drink and count down to the new year!

cozy nantucket master bedroom with fireplace
nantucket cottage completed in collaboration with workshop/apd


have the happiest happy hour, and an extremely happy 2018!