a chic modern at home apartment gym featuring the peloton indoor bicycle. the at home gym overlooks a large metropolis city.
photo via peloton


does anyone absolutely love going to the gym?  don’t all raise your hands at once.

i confess i broke up with my gym a few years ago (gasp!).  going to the gym had become an unpleasurable experience for me.  the classes were overcrowded and always at times that were inconvenient for my schedule.  i decided there had to be a better way to achieve my fitness goals.  hence my at home gym was born (and my obsession with dailyburn).  the at home gym is experiencing a true renaissance in today’s fitness-crazed world.  as a busy business owner and mom, nothing beats being able to exercise at your convenience.  i can stay healthy and spend more quality time binging on netfilx with my family.  not to mention, the money i save on a membership that i can now spend on endless cocktails.  priorities right?


now is the time to get active and enhance your home (or office) gym so that you will actually want to tone that bod (and in time for summer).  here are a few of my top tips to turn that drab corner space into a fierce fitness facility.


work that wall.


if you favor high-intensity workouts then i suggest selecting a bold vibrant wallpaper.  the energetic pattern will get your heart pumping.

if you favor calming exercises such as yoga or pilates then select a tranquil tone to bring peace to your mind, body, and soul.  also, think about adding a dimmable light switch for any overhead lighting to help set the tone.

speaking of paint, you do not have to paint the whole room.  an accent wall or a strip of inspiring color will do wonders for your workout flow.  if you are lucky enough to have a room dedicated to working out, hanging some motivational artwork graphics or wording can be the change you need to take your home gym from drab to butt-kicking inspiring.  will sweat for champagne poster anyone?

for those city dwellers with small spaces, adding mirrors can transform a dark claustrophobic space into a bright airy studio.  a luminous space will make you feel less like you are pumping iron in a mechanic’s shop.  a well-placed mirror will also allow yourself to correct your form so you are working out correctly and doing what you can to minimize injury.


get the right tools.


when you think of modern at-home workout equipment, do you think of peloton as i do?  i am a huge fan and the bike is an indoor cyclist’s dream.  why pay for a spin class when you can spin at home with robin arzon #sweatwithswagger

when our client asked us to create the perfect space for his peloton bike we wanted to take cues from the design of the room to incorporate the sleek indoor bicycle into his decor scheme.  


details of client's at home gym featuring the peloton bicycle.
photos via darcihether.com


as you can tell the mighty peloton is not killing the feng shui in this bedroom.  we did not want to simply hide the bike away like an embarrassing photo album.  the rug and basket full of rolled towels add the perfect decorative touches to bring the look of the room together.  i love that the bike is placed in front of the windows.  the view will surely get your heart pumping.


equipment in client's at home gym
photo via darcihether.com


our client’s home gym setup is #fitnessmotivation.  however, you don’t need fancy equipment to get fit.  there is a stigma that you have to go out and buy a treadmill, or a stationary bike to have a true home gym.  not the case!  a yoga mat, some hand weights, a medicine ball, and a small stair step is all you need to get your sweat on.  be sure that your physical equipment is stored in sight. If you buy all of this functional equipment and place it in a closet you are way less likely to feel motivated to break it out and use it.  as the old saying goes “out of sight, out of mind” and you want to feel motivated to move, not marinate.  speaking of motivation….


bring your a+ game….fashion game that is.


nothing will motivate you to sweat it out more than stylish workout gear.  a satisfying workout isn’t necessarily dependent on having the right clothing.  however, it will make you more excited to get off the sofa and lace up those sneakers.  don’t always use your activewear to workout?  yeah, me either.


i love the takara leggings from carbon38.  the glossy liquid finish is one part functional and two parts sexy. these babies can take you from your downtown gym to your uptown cocktail hour with the girls.  nail athleisure chic with this fun tank from etsy i recently purchased.  p.s. if you are opposed to champagne there are plenty of other witty quotes.  the pizza queen shirt is my next purchase.


swell water bottle (top left), lulu lemon yoga mat (bottom left), apple watch (top right), under armour headphones (bottom right)

here are few of my other favorite gym products to make cardio less hardio.  

a.  milky way insulated stainless water bottle.  stay hydrated with a pretty way to get your recommended eight glasses a day.  

b. apple watch series 4 44mm silver aluminum case.  nothing better than wearing your motivation on your wrist.

c. lululemon reversible mat 5mm with loop it up mat strap eyelet.  namaste all day with this chic yoga mat and carrier.

d. under armour – sport wireless train on-ear headphones – project rock edition.  drain out all the distractions and pump along with headphones that will stay put.




make your at home gym feel like a luxurious locker room.  adding a mini fridge to your workout space can take your home gym to the luxury level of equinox.  keep it stocked with chilled water bottles and eucalyptus-infused cool towels for a lush spa vibe.  i like to keep a few snacks handy to fuel my workout.  i may put a bar cart in mine so i can treat myself to a few cocktails after a grueling workout. clink. clink.

a home gym rids you of any excuse to not work up a sweat.  go on and achieve those fitness goals you lean mean fitness machine!  here’s to creating a space that is conducive to working out.  share your own tips below and drop it like a squat.