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we’ve already had our first snow here in new york, and it’s starting to feel like winter! winter weather can be so harsh on your skin — here are my tried and tested skincare products to give your skin some relief this winter.


my favorite winter skincare products


lips: kiehl’s butterstick lip treatment — i love this product so much. i can’t imagine my skincare routine without it.  I carry it in my purse every day since it’s perfect for on the go.  the perfect remedy for dry, chapped lips in the cold, dry winter.

oil: coconut oil — this is the most versatile thing you can own. i use it on anywhere that’s particularly dry, including my hair. it smells great and it’s great for you! bonus: it’s not just for skincare! you can cook with it, too.

face: aveda intense hydrating masque // kiehl’s daily reviving concentrate // kiehl’s midnight recovery serum — my skincare routine couldn’t be complete without these three products. i use the kiehl’s serums every night and every morning (blue at night, yellow in the morning), and supplement with the aveda masque once a week. it really is intense hydrating! and boy does it work.

hands: aveda hand relief creme // aveda night renewal serum — the moisturizing creme is my favorite for day-to-day moisturizing, but at night, for some extra hydration, i like to use the night renewal serum, then seal it in with more of the creme. there’s nothing like waking up with rejuvenated, hydrated hands.

bath: dr. teal’s lavender epsom salt soak // trader joe’s lavender salt scrub — some of the best bath products can actually be some of the cheapest. i love both of these lavender salts so much. i can’t imagine a bath without them! and there are few things more relaxing than the scent of lavender and a nice glass of wine during a long, luxurious soak.

happy winter! stay warm!