true or false? the kitchen above is a photograph of a real space. answer… 

false. this sexy kitchen was designed with a computer! gasp, you should. this photorealistic, eye-deceiving beauty is what we call a digital rendering. we often use digital renderings in our projects, not just because they give us something magnificent to swoon over, but because they have several benefits to you, our dear client.

what are the benefits of renderings? does every project get one? at what point in the design process is a rendering created? today, i’m answering these questions and more, all while illustrating with one of our latest projects, a stunning custom new build in bridgehampton. you’re going to want to sit down for this one…

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the benefits of digital renderings

1/ full visualization

a digital rendering is a photorealistic image of your space, one that gives you the ability to envision and fully understand a design concept, beyond mood boards and floor plans. it provides a visual competence that wouldn’t be tangible otherwise. 

not only do renderings inject confidence and ease into the process, but as you can see, they are incredibly realistic. they go as far as to show effects like light, color, shadows, and textures to the point where the lines are blurred between real and digital.

2/ avoiding high-cost mistakes

they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, it can also save thousands of dollars. for example, you might be committed to dark furnishings, but once you see the dreamy effect of a dark rug with a white sofa and chairs (in bourbon-proof performance fabrics), you may realize it’s what you really wanted all along. you’re welcome. 😉

Living Room Design, Digital Renderings, Upper East Side, NYC, Darci Hether NY

3/ confident decision-making

building a home from the ground up, or gutting and renovating a city apartment, is a daunting process for most. it’s sprinkled with so many design choices its enough to make your head spin. 

part of our role as your designer is narrowing those choices down to the best solutions for you, but when we do request a decision, digital renderings can help. it’s always easier to make a quick, confident design decision when you have a complete picture to reference. 

4/ project endurance

it’s no secret that the design process can be long and drawn out, but it’s not all bad! besides, you can always count on us to ease the trials and tumult. renderings can help, too. rather than sitting in eager anticipation with a vague visual of what’s to come, a digital rendering gives you a crystal clear picture of what you’re really waiting for — and that’s well worth it. 

if you’re looking to battle renovation fatigue (yes, it happens), go ahead and frame that rendering and place it somewhere visible and motivational… like near the bar cart.

which projects merit digital renderings?

i know i’ve made renderings sound incredible, and they are, but it’s also worth mentioning that not all projects require them. it’s most beneficial for new builds (where we’re building from nothing), and we can also provide this service for home or apartment redesigns. 

however, creating digital renderings adds about 3 weeks to your project’s timeline. (remember when we talked about project timelines here?) if you’re already confident in your design, it’s better to just get to work without spending precious time on a rendering. if you feel like you need confidence and clarity, then renderings, it is… and we love to make them.

when in our process do we create digital renderings?

first, we always start with a mood board. this involves real inspiration photos of specific design styles and sets the direction for the design. this part of the process is oh-so-important to ensure we’re starting off on the right foot. i’m not one to waste your time (or mine, for that matter) so providing clear style preferences from the start benefits both sides.

here is a mood board we created for our bridgehampton new build’s bathroom design:

Darci Hether New York, Mood Board, Digital Renderings, Bathroom Design, New York City, Bridgehamptonnote: these images are from other designers and are used solely as inspiration and direction. the final design and rendering are completely unique to the client.

once the mood board is approved, we move forward to the next step, which is creating the rendering. again, this helps streamline the design process by bringing a clear vision from concept to completion. here is our rendering for the same bridgehampton bathroom…

Bathroom Design, Digital Renderings, Bridgehampton, NYC, Darci Hether NY

wow, right? you could knock me over with a feather. this spacious bathroom is stunning, elegant, and invites the outdoors in for spa day, every day. 

once the rendering is approved, the design process begins. you know exactly what the end result will be — a fully customized and perfectly appointed home. isn’t it amazing that we’re able to reveal the final design before even lifting a finger? 

before i leave you, i can’t resist mentioning this modern-day perk — all of this is done virtually. we can do everything from start to finish without even stepping foot in the same room. that’s right, no pandemic can slow us down! and that is a reason to toast.

if you’re ready to elevate the way you live (and see the light at the end of the tunnel), it’s time to reach out for help. we’d love to give you visual clarity and results you’ll enjoy for years to come. 


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