contemporary restaurant interior - Vaucluse ny

a chic, upscale restaurant design can be an exciting starting point for a contemporary dining room. taking your cues from restaurant interiors gives you haute style to go with your haute cuisine. food for the eyes as well as the stomach!

two of my favorite restaurants here in new york, vaucluse and nougatine, are the perfect place to start—and totally swoonworthy. not to mention delicious!

more than just the food, what drew me to these two restaurants is the way in which they go above and beyond in their attention to detail in the design elements. they’re rich, detailed, thoughtful, and warm.


i try to get to vaucluse fairly frequently. in fact, i was there just last week for a pastry class. i absolutely recommend it. it was so much fun!

this dining area and bar are absolutely stunning. i love the stark contrast in the two-toned striped rug. it defines the space, and adds visual interest. the details here are so rich and elegant. everywhere you look, there’s so much to take in. the metal details on the dining chairs, the rugs, the upholstery, the arched brick ceilings… amazing!

dining area at vaucluse ny - contemporary restaurant interior

the bar at vaucluse ny - contemporary restaurant interior

everything here feels custom—the cut of the rugs, the detailing on the bar, the fabric choices, even the pillows. it’s a very thoughtful space. i’ve blogged about light fixtures in the dining room before, and i absolutely love the ones at vaucluse. the way the curves of the light fixtures echo the custom banquettes and architectural features adds to the overall effect of the space.

and you know what else is amazing? their food. seriously.

scrumptious food photography of vaucluse nyc
via: @vauclusenyc

be still my beating heart! their instagram is absolutely worth following.


one of my other favorite restaurants is nougatine. it’s a jean-georges restaurant, so you just know it’s going to be phenomenal. their prix fixe lunch menu is absolutely a hidden treasure. this is one of my favorite places to get lunch with clients! in fact, i was just there a few weeks ago with the clients from my recent florida project.

this restaurant design is just as gorgeous as it is cozy. i love the staggered pendant lights, the clean lines, and the yummy color palette. the whole space makes you feel like you’re inside a box of truffles. my mouth is watering just at the thought!

jean georges nougatine ny contemporary restaurant interior

jean georges nougatine ny contemporary restaurant interior

where vaucluse is all about the details, nougatine is all about thoughtful simplicity. the recessed lighting and the oval lighting track gently lead your eye around the room and accentuate the built-ins and architectural features. the soft lighting and textures make you feel cozy and at home.

the flooring here is particularly stunning. it adds texture without pulling focus. the effect is like a pebbled leather—so warm and inviting.

and even more amazing? this food.

scrumptious dishes from jean-georges' nougatine nyc

… please pick your jaw up off the floor.

get the look

when you’re ready, i have some recommendations for how to get this look in your dining room.

ready? no? i’ll give you a minute. take your time, i’ll wait.

a. bud vase // b. wine glasses // c. pillows: black & white, grey, grey & gold // d. cheese plate coffee table book // e. black rimmed dishes

1. dining chairs // 2. pendant lights // 3. dining table // 4. striped rug

when your dining room looks as gorgeous as these spaces, you won’t mind dining at home. but when the mood strikes, make a reservation to take in the ambiance in person at either one of these extraordinary restaurants.


cheers ~ darci