have you ever walked into a home where comfort and luxury washed over you from the first step? gliding from room to room felt effortless, as each space enchanted your senses and drew you in deeper. but how was this effect achieved?

was it the thoughtfully arranged furnishings with their captivating shapes and textures? was it the breathtaking light fixtures, sparkling with poise and promise? or, could this exquisite space be attributed to something else entirely, the most overlooked design element of all and the very canvas of the space itself?

yes, i’m referring to the walls. 

though each of the design elements above can create an unforgettable experience, walls are particularly unique. they present us with a blank canvas — but instead of an artist’s palette and assortment of paints, our mediums for creating tailored, irresistible walls are seemingly endless.

today, i want to share some of these techniques with you, so you can witness the effect for yourself. i think you will quickly see the beauty of adorning your walls, all while collecting some swoon-worthy inspiration for your next renovation or new build. pour yourself a drink, and come take a look…

financiers pied-à-terre in tribeca | photo credit: emily gilbert photography

the look: walls with soothing textures

in general, using texture in a space combines the look of luxury with the feel of comfort. this can usually be found wherever there are textiles, such as furniture, bedding, and window treatments. however, these pieces offer texture in small doses. when applied to your walls, texture suddenly becomes an immersive experience, cocooning you in unparalleled serenity, sophistication, and relaxation.

bespoke bachelor pad on park ave. | photo credit: emily gilbert photography 

textured walls are perfect for softening spaces where relaxation is the priority, such as the bedroom in our client’s park ave. apartment above. we used grasscloth wallcoverings in a warm, earthy brown to bring individualized personality to his bespoke interior.

the look: walls that create depth

depth is an essential part of a well-designed space, and walls play an integral role in the look. styling a wall for perceived depth can make a space look larger and express a tangible note of luxury. win win! in general, darker, less saturated tones can create depth, but so too can a well-chosen pattern, like this one:

financiers pied-à-terre in tribeca | photo credit: emily gilbert photography

aside from the fact that this nature-inspired wallpaper instantly commands and intrigues, it also creates the illusion that the wall is receding. had it been left in plain white, the wall would appear much closer to us… not to mention bare, dull, and uninteresting. (not my recipe for a memorable home.) instead, the soothing play of variegated grey tones creates interest and depth for a relaxing yet enjoyable night’s rest.

the look: breathtaking drama

you know i love drama! design drama, that is. (the rest i can do without.) using walls to create a bold statement is one of my favorite techniques, especially in social spaces, where libations and conversations flow. not to mention that adding a dash of drama to the walls will ensure your haute city flat or chic suburban home will not look like your neighbors’.

central park west | photo credit: emily gilbert photography

this larger-than-life, pixelated cherry blossom wallpaper creates a one-of-a-kind dining and entertaining area with all the trappings of your favorite cocktail lounge. monochromatic colors pair with modern elements and metallic shine. the result is a swanky and undeniably sexy home bar where friends (and yours truly) will be dying to join you for that 5 o’clock cocktail. dirty martini, anyone? 

the look: walls with nature-inspired opulence

not all walls have to be decorated with patterns and textures. why not bring in the voice and presence of nature itself, with the look of natural stone? oh, we can.

financiers pied-à-terre in tribeca | photo credit: emily gilbert photography

in this swoon-worthy, spa-inspired powder room in tribeca, we created a modern yet luxurious feel with an accent wall in natural stone and soft, warm grey. accent wall feel too minimal? here’s another approach…


in the bathroom of this custom home we’re building in bridgehampton, we’re using stone for all of the walls! the effect elevates this space to new heights and elicits all the luxury and comfort of a day spa nestled in the alps. yes, please.

the look: walls with timeless character

last but not least, we can use walls as a canvas for installing built-in elements with timeless, enduring character. the options are limited to our expansive imaginations, but here is a fine example:

bespoke bachelor pad on park ave. | photo credit: emily gilbert photography

in our client’s dramatic and magnetic dining room, we added wall paneling in light, polished wood to disperse light throughout the space and enhance the room with a natural, comfortable feel. meanwhile, the custom metal seam details elevate the look, making the space feel timeless, cohesive, and unforgettable. this is a bespoke, luxurious look prepared to stand the test of time.

it’s your turn

ready to add a healthy dose of glamour to your home and transform your walls into masterpieces? reach out to us here about your renovation or new build. our team is ready to create a home that feels so beautiful and immersive that it fits you like a glove. 😉

cheers ~ darci