mixed metal luxe transitional sitting room

mixed metals are trending right now, but i didn’t need to read about it in elledecor to know it to be true to me – trend or no trend! i’m no stranger to mixing metals. i’ve been doing this for my clients for years. mixing metals creates a sophisticated and nuanced space, and mixing metals with curated items can give your living room so much depth!

this is part two of my series on mixed metals. check out last week’s post about mixed metals in the kitchen for my advice on kitchen renovations and small ways to take your kitchen to the next level!

luxe mixed metal sitting room

this fifth ave living room is as chic as they come. my clients wanted a light, luxurious space to relax and entertain in but also a space that had depth and intrigue. to really take the chicness level up a notch or two i paired polished brass light fixtures with silver metallic and mirrored accents with the otherwise neutral upholstery pieces.

when you’re designing a living room, your metallic options can come in so many forms: light fixtures, furniture legs, accent tables, artwork, and decorative accents. like with kitchens, doing this look well is all about building relationships. in the central park west living room we designed below, i kept both the table lamp and wall sconces in chrome, then carefully layered in matte brass and hammered matte satin nickel accents.

central park west luxe living room fur molding

like i said in my post about kitchens, hardware on your built-ins or furniture pieces can be like jewelry. living rooms have many more options for jewelry, so building layers and relationships is even more important. in this central park west apartment, i married the textiles tones to the metal finishes opting for more subtle pairing. when i was designing this space, the lady of the home and i decided that “champagne and platinum” best described her desired design direction and i really think this room encapsulated those words perfectly!

want some more inspiration? here are some of my favorite mixed metal living rooms.

mixed metal accents in the living room
left: stylecarrot. right: alaina kaczmarski

i adore that dramatic brass light fixture in the room on the left. the mirror finish is absolutely stunning, and is a beautiful foil to the chrome chair and table legs. on the right, i love the two different metals on the tray and hurricane candle holder. it’s so subtle but shows just how little you really need to do to get this sophisticated look.


mixed metal accents in the living room
left: pepe leal. right: susan & ben work

the antique mirrors in both of these rooms add so much light, and are such an interesting contrast to the gold and brass mixed metal accents. and how about that dramatic pendant light pictured in the room on the left? love!!

are you looking to add some mixed metal accents to your living room? here are my darci hether approved options:

mixed metal living room shopping guide

a. shagreen and brass tray // b. sculpture // c. table lamp // d. copper coasters // e. platner coffee table // f. vase // g. bronze bowl // h. table lamp // i. copper and enamel vases


happy mixing!

cheers ~ darci