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i have this love affair with metal. not any particular type or finish (although i do have my favorites) but more specifically when it is used as a thoughtful accent, detail, form or design.

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while i know that satin brass (or brushed brass) seems to be all the rage these days i can’t say that it’s a trend i wish would go away. on the contrary! i love the warmth it gives, the touch of glamour and modernity and of course, the swoon-worthy contrast it can provide.

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satin brass has more of a matte finish, yet offers the perfect balance of glitz and refinement. when done properly you will notice it the minute you walk into a space and for all the right reasons: it provides a beautifully unique contrast and plays nicely against any background color.

link pendant, beautiful contrasting details via pinterest, swooning over this hardware

i mean, how gorgeous is the link pendant pictured above? the details of the “chain” is beyond stunning….it’s jewelry that also happens to light up a space! and the thoughtful design of the shelving brackets?!? when i saw these firsthand at this year’s icff i literally think i stopped breathing for about a minute. purely exquisite!

when i grow up i'd like my closet to look just like this! image via pinterest

how about you? are you ready to add a touch of glamour and interest to your space with some satin brass accents??


Update 4/12/2018: want to read more about how to add stunning metal accents to your space? Check out my more recent posts about mixed metals in the kitchen & living room, and learn more about metal accents in some of my top favorite tile trends!

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