i have something special for youuu… it’s a tray full of hand-crafted cocktails (by yours truly) with your name on them! with mother’s day nearing and spring graciously blooming in the city, now feels like the perfect time to celebrate the special women in our lives. grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, aunts, cousins, the woman with great taste at the bergdorf’s counter — and yes, even you.

that’s right, i’m talking about self-care. because in order to truly celebrate the people in our lives, we have to be present. we have to be so full of hope and healing and peace and love and lightness that it just spills out of us effortlessly and serenades our favorite people.

how do we do it? to me, self-care is mental, physical, and emotional. it’s social, raising a glass of bubbly to our besties, and it’s solo, soaking up a weekend of pampering at the spa or getting enough zzzz’s. 

to help you elevate your self-care rituals and spoil your favorite women, i’m sharing our a-list of gift ideas perfect for pampering.

(to the men reading this, fear not, i know you’re worthy of celebration, too! lavish your favorite ladies with love and pampering this month, and sit tight for the gentlemen’s version coming in june.) 

but first…

…let’s whip up the best craft cocktail for mother’s day. i call it a blushing st. germain. and yes, this is quite literally the recipe for the cocktail you see in these photos. it’s delish! (would i ever steer you wrong?)

blushing st. germain

1 ½ oz gin
1 oz st. germain
¾ oz fresh squeezed grapefruit
a splash of sparkling grapefruit soda
garnish with a thin slice of grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary 

voilà! raise a toast to ourselves and to all of the strong, nurturing, supportive and loving women in the world today. may we lift each other up, make each other laugh, and keep each other forever youthful in spirit!

now, let’s get to pampering…

gift ideas for mother’s day, self-care & indulgent pampering

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1. palo santo candle

why you’ll love it: i start every morning the same way: with a mug of hot lemon water, lighting my candle, and journaling. it eases me into my day and centers me before any potential chaos can erupt…. which makes the chaos so much more manageable later! or, save the candle for the evening. sweet dreams are made of these…

2. sunbasket

why you’ll love it: “sunbaskets” are meal kits delivered to your door and ready to be assembled. they offer a variety of healthy recipes and options (vegan, gluten free, paleo, etc). plus, there are always yummy sauces with ingredients that i would not normally have in my spice drawer. if the meals are easy for me to whip up after a long day of designing, you’ll love them, too.

3. exhale spa flow massage, central park south

why you’ll love it: it’s difficult to argue against the stress-relieving benefits of a massage, but exhale spa’s flow massage is one of my favorites, hands down. imagine amazing choreographed waves of kneading to unlock muscles, lymphatic drainage for detoxing and immune-boosting, seriously, all the good things. try to book with alex docu… you can thank me later!

4. beautycounter all bright c serum

why you’ll love it:  i’m obsessed with this product. it brightens and evens skin tone, reduces signs of aging, and even protects skin from daily stressors. i personally love how it feels when i apply it each morning. i love how it smells. i love how my skin looks since introducing this product into my regime! never looking back. 

5. persona nutrition

why you’ll love it: this is a fun one — they offer customized vitamin packs to your specific needs. since starting with my made-for-me daily vitamin packs (after submitting their questionnaire), i’ve slept better and haven’t experienced the afternoon energy dips that i used to. i love that these are simple, personal, and grab-and-go, no fuss, no muss. 

6. brunch at buvette in the west village

why you’ll love it: what’s not to love?! french plates filled with yumminess. gorgeous french cocktails. old, worn marble countertops and tiny tables with a provincial vibe. if i can’t get on a plane to visit paris, this bijou in the west village is close enough!

7. stylish leggings from carbon 38

why you’ll love it: whether you’re a fitness guru or need an extra push, these leggings in “crackle shine” make any fitness routine more fun. in fact, when i updated my workout clothes, i updated my workouts. it’s science. 

that makes 7! whether you scoop up these goodies or rely on prosecco to do the pampering, here’s to all the fabulous women… clink!

darci hether new york mothers day celebration gift ideas pampering champagne

p.s. wish your home would pamper you silly? we can help. reach out to us here and let’s chat.

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