crowded soho new york street featuring designer boutiques such as Fendi, Tiffany and Co. and Chloe.

image via PinterestNYC is a designer’s (and shopper’s) paradise. As the fashion capital of the US, there is infectious creative energy permeating the city. Walk down any street, and you will see chic residents with cutting edge street style. Outfits that you will want to copy in your wardrobe. Of course, with its unprecedented shopping, the city boasts some of the world’s most engaging retail design concepts.

What drew me to these spaces was the feeling I felt when I walked in. More than just stunning concept stores, these spaces are rich, detailed, thoughtful, and warm. All the emotions you want to capture when you are decorating your own space. Read on for some serious retail wanderlust that will inspire you to shop till you drop or add chicness to your abode.

outside facade of The Row store front upper east side townhouse. (to the right) minimalist interior shot of entryway into storefront.

The Row, New York  

On the upper east side (71st street to be exact) lies a beautiful three-story brownstone. Tucked away from the boutiques on Madison, if you blink twice, you may not realize this townhouse is the retail storefront for the effortless, uber-chic collection-The Row. 

Clothes and shoes are not immediately thrown in your face but instead introduced slowly with the calming energy of the minimalist, chic decor-the perfect encapsulation of the brand. Yummy sandy tones make you feel like you are in someone’s home- a very stylish friend’s house that could also function as a mini-museum with carefully curated furniture and artwork. The swoon-worthy decor culminates in the crown jewel of Jacques Grange’s design with the beautiful staircase that is a true marvel.  

If you feel serious apartment envy (I did) or want to take the aesthetic home, don’t worry, the look is (mostly) for sale. Most of the furniture can be yours, while the majority of the artwork is on loan, some even from the Olsens home. (Here’s to looking at you Picassos) I will take one of everything, please (especially the leather dress upstairs *swoon*) Can I move in?

Special thanks to the staff at The Row. Shoutout to Bernard who made my shopping experience one of the best I have ever experienced in New York. Upon flattering him he said they just wanted it to feel like “home.”

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Chloe, Paris

Although I am partial to New York spaces, one can and will fall in love with the retail designs in my true love of a city-Paris. Across the pond, the Chloe boutique (one of the many bravura designs from Joseph Dirand) is as striking and sexy as the designs from the French fashion house. The boutique is a harmonious blend of soft feminine touches evocative of the spirit of a woman. Brass display shelves and sexy curved mustard velvet sofas make a modern statement with a retro vibe.

Noteworthy: Dirand designed the Pucci store in NYC. The Pucci store features my favorite color grey with heavily veined marble counters for a truly luxurious retail design experience. 

Have a store you love with original and inspired interior design? Share your retail design favorites in the comments below! For more of our hometown inspirations in the Big Apple, check out our blog post on chic restaurant design.


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