upper west side kitchen

once again it is snowing outside.  it is predicted we will get 12″-18″(!!!) – and it feels like winter is never going to end.  in trying to ignore our current outside weather, i’m getting ready for warmer springtime weather and that refreshing feeling of new beginnings by starting my spring cleaning. nothing beats that feeling of standing back and admiring a well organized, sparkling clean kitchen!!

i like to design kitchens that are light, bright, full of simplistic details and seamlessly uncluttered……like in this upper west side kitchen renovation, it’s all about chic, bespoke simplicity.

upper west side wood and glass tile kitchen with pot filler - darci hether new york

the sleek cabinetry, the clean counters, the sparing accessories… everything there is discretely hidden away, showcasing the beautiful contrasting materials we selected for the space. the blue-green glass tile, high gloss wood cabinetry, and polished marble countertops reflect the light from the windows and create a feeling that is soothing and warm.

upper west side kitchen textures - darci hether new york



spring cleaning

freshening up your kitchen doesn’t have to be tedious!  here are a few of my recommendations to get you started. in addition to your basic seasonal tidying up, a spring refresh should focus on switching out seasonal decor, replacing heavily used items like linens, and welcoming spring with fresh and clean aromas!


freshen up kitchen decor spring cleaning - darci hether new york

adding seasonal plants and fresh linens will make your kitchen feel fresh and clean right away. plants not only are a great piece of seasonal decor—they freshen the smell of the room. i also recommend replacing dishcloths and kitchen linens regularly.

a. wreath // this mixed eucalyptus wreath is a great way to add some spring freshness into your kitchen. with a refreshing eucalyptus aroma, it will brighten the space and keep it smelling beautiful.

b. brass mister // keep your plants watered in style with this lovely brass mister. this is a far cry from a cheap plastic spray bottle—and the brass will patina beautifully over time.

c. planter // this stunning bronze pot by designer suzanne kasler is the perfect stylish home for a countertop plant.

d. apron // an elegant dove grey apron is the ideal couture for any chef de cuisine.

e & f. linens // i always recommend my clients stick to white or grey linens, and refreshing your linens will make your kitchen feel that much cleaner. i love these grey dishcloths (e) & towels (f).

get clean - freshen up spring cleaning - darci hether new york

when we think about spring cleaning, it’s easy to forget that the tools you use can be beautiful too! here are some of my favorite products to get you started.

a & b. meyer’s soaps // these products are eco-friendly, elegant, smell beautiful, and work even better. i absolutely adore the lavender surface scrub (a), and this set of basil soaps (b).

c. kitchen gloves // i love the fresh spring color of these bright green kitchen gloves! what a cheerful way to kick off your spring cleaning.

d & e. brushes // so much more than just a sponge, i love how efficient and elegant these vintage-inspired brushes are from food52. the dish brush (d) is great for flat surfaces and has a comfortable handle, and the glass brush set (e) is the perfect gentle tool for wine glasses, champagne flutes, and hard-to-clean delicate vases.


get organized - kitchen organization - spring cleaning - darci hether new yorkwhile i always try to create a space that is as functional as it is beautiful, as it becomes more ‘lived-in’ you start to realize what you need in order to keep it organized. these pieces are a great way to help define your kitchen’s storage and get ready for spring.

a. trash can // this steel, fingerprint-proof butterfly trash can is one of my favorites.

b. dustpan set // this vintage-inspired french hanging dustpan & brush set is the perfect example of the marriage of form and function. it’s elegant, clean, and simple.

c. drawer insert // these tool alignment inserts from williams-sonoma are a great way to keep your drawer organizers even more organized—everything has its place and it won’t shift around.


nourish the palette - kitchen decor - darci hetheri absolutely love a cookbook that doubles as a stunning coffee table book. gather & graze, by celebrity chef stephanie izard (and top chef’s first female winner), looks just as beautiful as it is delicious. and the recipes are just to die for—pork belly frittata? grilled confit duck legs with nectarine kimchi? swooooooon. it comes out april 3rd, so pre-order it now! (i just did)

happy spring!

cheers ~ darci