darci hether sitting on a stoop with her mother and daughter.
three generations of funny women – me, my mother and my daughter.


the month of may is finally here!!  for me, may means spring blooms and long scenic walks through my beloved central park.  may also means mother’s day, a chance to celebrate ALL the fantastically strong, loving and supportive women out there – not just those who have given birth.  look around and i’m sure you’ll be able to name more than a few remarkable women that have left an immeasurable mark on your life.  women who have inspired you and spread their kindness around like confetti.  these are all traits i hope i exemplify and wish to pass on to my daughter.


she is thankfully in the season of life where i am still one of her favorite people and i savor every second of it.  simple pleasures such as baking cupcakes with my little ladybug and helping her pick out her colorful outfits (can we say pippi longstocking?) make me so happy.  when she asks me for snuggle time or to come to play with her, i jump at the chance since i know these requests will most likely come to a screeching halt once tween-dom starts (help us all!).  but for now, from the looks of little treasures like these love notes from her, she seems to think i am doing a reasonably good job.



a collage of darci hether's daughter and a sweet note she wrote describing all of the things she loves about darci with a drawing of her sticking her tongue out.
a recent photo of my daughter having fun in the sun and a handwritten note explaining all the things she loves about me.


to all the nurturing, fierce women of the world, i thank you and salute you!  whether you’re a “mom” to a kiddo, bestie, or furry friend, i hope you are ready to celebrate all of the awesomeness that you are!  on that note, are you ready to gift the remarkable women in your life with a treat or two (ok, maybe three!).  how about treating yourself for all the support and joy you share with others?!?  here are a few of my favorite mother’s day gifts ideas to delight every kind of mother.




a. proseco sleep mask – dream sweet dreams of delicious cocktails with this luxurious sleep mask for her peepers.

b. the white company natural sleep candle  – we all need a little help falling asleep and who doesn’t love the clean packaging design of this candle?

c. jo malone london cologne collection – the perfect companion to any woman’s dressing table.  

d. k+m dark chocolate, madagasgar – happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate.

e. regina andrew multicolor bone and brass tray – the perfect tray to host a mother’s day breakfast in bed.

f. mom manual pouch – a clever change purse she can use to save money for the cocktail savings account.

g. aromasource mysto diffuser – upgrade from the old plugin scents and spread good (smelling) vibes with this diffuser.

h. skin gym clear quartz facial roller – help her roll away the stress with this trendy face roller. 

i. porto linen pajamas from serena & lily – is there anything more luxurious than a yummy pair of comfortable pajamas?


enjoy!  share what mother’s day means to you in the comments below!