mulled white wine glogg

cocktail crush... new years eve!

mulled white wine glogg

i just love a beautiful & delicious cocktail. i think a cocktail should be more than just a drink — it should be a visually-pleasing accent! it can make a bold statement and leave your guests swooning over your beautiful aesthetic. with that in mind, these are some of my absolute favorite cocktail recipes. these stunning winter cocktails are perfect for your guests new years eve or just pour one for yourself!

i put together this list of cocktails to celebrate the lead-up to christmas with #12daysofcocktails over on my instagram, but then i thought — let's put these somewhere they can all be enjoyed in one place!

speaking of instagram, it's been an eventful year! my baby instagram is growing up — we're almost at 600 followers! i've enjoyed posting about my design process, my projects, and inside shots of a day in the life of an interior designer in new york (which, yes, sometimes includes cocktails)!

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so here you have it: 12 days of winter cocktails. pour yourself a drink and be ready to swoon!

hennessy hot toddy // winter champagne cocktail // pomegranate peppermint moscow mule // hot buttered hazelnut whisky // winter bourbon smash // pomegranate mint champagne // hot buttered rosemary cider // mulled white wine // champagne margarita // pomegranate mulled wine // glogg // broiled bailey's hot chocolate


bonus: this fireplace from one of my nantucket projects would be the perfect place to curl up with a drink and count down to the new year!

cozy nantucket master bedroom with fireplace
nantucket cottage completed in collaboration with workshop/apd


have the happiest happy hour, and an extremely happy 2018!



chic winter skincare products subway tile bathroom

my favorite things... winter skincare must-haves

chic winter skincare products subway tile bathroom


we've already had our first snow here in new york, and it's starting to feel like winter! winter weather can be so harsh on your skin — here are my tried and tested skincare products to give your skin some relief this winter.


my favorite winter skincare products


lips: kiehl's butterstick lip treatment — i love this product so much. i can't imagine my skincare routine without it.  I carry it in my purse every day since it's perfect for on the go.  the perfect remedy for dry, chapped lips in the cold, dry winter.

oil: coconut oil — this is the most versatile thing you can own. i use it on anywhere that's particularly dry, including my hair. it smells great and it's great for you! bonus: it's not just for skincare! you can cook with it, too.

face: aveda intense hydrating masque // kiehl's daily reviving concentrate // kiehl's midnight recovery serum — my skincare routine couldn't be complete without these three products. i use the kiehl's serums every night and every morning (blue at night, yellow in the morning), and supplement with the aveda masque once a week. it really is intense hydrating! and boy does it work.

hands: aveda hand relief creme // aveda night renewal serum — the moisturizing creme is my favorite for day-to-day moisturizing, but at night, for some extra hydration, i like to use the night renewal serum, then seal it in with more of the creme. there's nothing like waking up with rejuvenated, hydrated hands.

bath: dr. teal's lavender epsom salt soak // trader joe's lavender salt scrub — some of the best bath products can actually be some of the cheapest. i love both of these lavender salts so much. i can't imagine a bath without them! and there are few things more relaxing than the scent of lavender and a nice glass of wine during a long, luxurious soak.

happy winter! stay warm!



before and after... the ugliest bathroom of my career

i've seen a lot of hideous bathrooms in my career as an interior designer.  bathrooms that i have happily transformed into beautiful spaces.  however, nothing — nothing — has ever come close to how awful this park ave bathroom used to look. i love a good bathroom renovation, and i may have mentioned in my previous posts how much i love doing gut renovation projects... the worse they are to begin with, the better!

take for instance my recent park ave project. the apartment was sold to my client as an estate sale ... code for "this apartment has not been touched since the original owners purchased it and you'd never want to live in it in it's current condition."

while the condition of the entire apartment was mind-blowing — and not in a good way — i thought it would be fun to highlight the ugly duckling transformation of each of the two bathrooms.

are you ready...? i wasn't the first time i saw them!

the two small bathrooms were laid out as exact mirror images of each other — shiny foil wallpaper and all!

the master bathroom:

as part of the renovation, we relocated the existing closets in the master bedroom, which allowed us to expand the master bathroom to a much more suitable size.

to add to the visual expansion of the new master bathroom layout, i clad all of the walls with large format white cararra marble, keeping the space light, bright, and serene.

i added elements of drama and interest with an espresso wood and bronze metal custom-designed vanity, as well as a custom-designed bronze metal mirror.

now that's what i call a bathroom!!

the guest bathroom:

for the smaller secondary bathroom, we kept the original layout, but i didn't shy away from its small footprint.  we went dark — a supposed no-no for small spaces, but sometimes rules are meant to be broken. i clad the walls and floor with a gorgeous charcoal grey stone.

the tiles on the vanity wall were installed in a herringbone pattern to help visually elongate the space and add some more drama!

there you have it — ugly duckling to swan! there's really nothing quite like the feeling of transforming a space so completely!


check out the transformation of the front entryway!

wallpaper, wallpaper, everywhere... we stripped it all down, and stripped decades of paint off of the front door to reveal the original beautiful metal door!

want to see more? check out the full apartment renovation here.



get the look... chic holiday decor

i love the holidays! i love the smells, the gifts, the food, the gifts, the cocktails, the gifts … i mean who doesn’t?? 

but it can be so hard to decorate for the holidays and keep it chic and elegant! i mean … red and green? maybe in small doses … but i’d always rather stick to neutral tones and metallics!

it’s important to approach your holiday decorating just like any other decorating—with style! but now you’re thinking, ‘but darci, how do i make sense of this crowded marketplace of ideas and possible aesthetic choices?!’ (i know, that’s what i’m thinking too!) well, don’t worry, i’m here to help. so go ahead and pour yourself a nice mug of spiced cider and get ready for some festive eye candy.

just look at this yummy room by kate riley. she keeps it so light and neutral, and i just love those pops of gold! 

loving the white and gold? check out these:

ornaments by suzanne kasler // wall decor by dwellstudio

okay, go ahead and pour yourself a second mug because it’s about to get steamy up in the cold, cold north in scandinavia … i love how chic that minimalist tree looks in such a neutral room. that couch looks so cozy, especially with that big fur throw. yummy!

more in the mood for something darker and sophisticated? check out these luxurious silver and grey rooms from family holiday.

but wait … trend alert! look at these incredible led lights and trees! i’m seriously obsessed. talk about adding drama to a room! swoon.

restoration hardware

was that enough drama for you? no? ready for more? okay, hold on to your hats for these amazing ornaments and accessories …

a. menorah // b. wreath // c. star sculptures // d. votive candles // e. star lights // f. lacquer trees // g. knit throw // h. camel // i. ornaments

okay, are you feeling about ready to start decorating? i know i am!!

happy decorating & happy holidays!