we all have that classic little black dress that’s a staple in our wardrobe. pair it with espadrilles and a wide-brimmed sun hat, and you’re ready to sip sangria poolside. add your louboutins, edie parker clutch, and diamond studs instead, and there’s no soirée that wouldn’t throw open its doors to welcome you. don’t mind if i do.

acquiring that timeless black dress — and discovering all the ways you can accessorize it — is just like designing a home. you have your foundational pieces that are simple, sophisticated, and versatile. and you have all the exquisite details that make it elegant, effortless, and unique. but…

which are which? and how do you choose? come take a look at 5 bespoke design details that will make you say j’adore…

1. bespoke furniture

the foundation of a room first — furniture. sure, you could look for any black dress and call it a day, but we can do better. is the cut perfectly tailored to your figure? is it made from high-quality materials and crafted to last? will you feel comfortable wearing it? we could ask these same questions of your most important furnishings.

considerations: a custom furniture piece might include tailoring a vendor’s piece to your specific needs, such as reducing the spatial requirements, lowering the arms, adding a firmer seat cushion, and other personalizations. or, we might design an entirely bespoke piece with a custom shape, size, material, finish, hardware, leg style, etc.

more inspiration: discover more about furniture customization options here.

2. sumptuous textures

texture is another one of those design details i could gush about all day. no one has time for that, so think about it like this: texture creates a soft place for the eye to rest. it’s both visual and tactile, and our eyes can often do a better job than our brains in using texture to perceive quality and luxury.

considerations: in fashion and interior design alike, texture can be achieved with fabric (velvet, silk, linen, cashmere, leather), with metals (brass, nickel, bronze), with natural woods, and with other innovative materials, like grasscloth wallpaper and shagreen.

more inspiration: discover delightful area rugs, outdoor fabrics, and textured wall applications.

3. sexy (and wildly underestimated) luxury hardware

yes, i’m referring to your cabinet knobs, pulls, and plumbing fixtures. did i just lose you? stay with me here… i know they’re not the sexiest elements in a room, but what if they were? like subtle diamond studs or a statement cocktail ring, hardware undeniably completes a space – and we never design a home without considering the hardware selections carefully! or designing them ourselves…

considerations: luxury hardware strikes a balance of style, quality, and functionality. in the spaces above, we selected — and in the case of the bedroom on the right, custom-designed — very different drawer hardware. each adds elegance to its respective room, feels comfortable in hand, and is crafted to last long into the future.

more inspiration: read here and here to discover how to mix metals in various spaces.

4. lighting that takes your breath away

light fixtures are like the chic necklace of your home’s ensemble: stunning on their own, scintillating by night, and dressed to impress no matter where the sun hangs in the sky. while luxury hardware may not turn heads, your lighting absolutely can and should take your breath away.

considerations: the perfect light fixture achieves several objectives: it brings its own style to the room, sets a mood (with and without dimmers), casts an intriguing silhouette, and infuses the space with functionality and purpose. not asking much, are we?

more inspiration: savor our favorite chandeliers and pendants here.

5. curated and meaningful accessories and decor

accessories and decor are like… you got me… accessories and decor. great shoes, a chic scarf, that to-die-for handbag. these choices represent the season, the occasion, and your own magnetic personality. (you’re here, so i’m assuming.)

considerations: accessorizing our clients’ homes is a balancing act, and like coco chanel is famous for recommending, we always curate out an accessory or two before calling it done. less is more. our choices are designed to achieve all of the following: elevating the style, adding personalization and meaning that is unique to our clients, adding texture, and creating another place for the eye to rest.

more inspiration: read my tips for styling bookshelves here (consoles and tables will be similar)

the devil is in the details

on their own, these details may seem minor when it comes to the overall design of your home, but each has a significant impact and visual presence, producing a final result that elevates your home and enhances your everyday. as they say, the devil is in the details. 😉

ready to start your home transformation? you know how to reach me.

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