ah, the home workspace — that sacred realm where moments seem to melt into hours. it’s more than just a room. it’s your cocoon of creativity, your fortress of focus, and your launchpad for your next brilliant idea.

as we inch into september, i’m reminded of the importance of having a home workspace that is both a haven and a muse. whether it’s a snug corner desk or a handsome office trimmed with built-ins, the essence is the same: a dedicated zone that cultivates all of the above.

as you consider your own workspaces, i invite you to stroll with me through some of dhny’s favorites: home offices, desks-with-a-view, and other creative spaces sure to inspire your own…

1. contemporary nyc office with a panoramic view

after john’s long days in the busy city, he yearned for a comfortable place to retreat. naturally, a dedicated workspace was non-negotiable when we designed his contemporary pied-à-terre. to create his haven, we embraced streamlined furnishings, a symphony of soothing colors, and tailor-made elements just for him. (welcome to my zone of genius.)

the muse? this breathtaking cityscape. we custom-designed a curved desk that perfectly hugs the curvature of the floor-to-ceiling windows. an abundance of natural light brightens the space during daylight hours, while sleek task lighting illuminates the evenings. a simple touch on the intensity controls, and voilà — a masterpiece of ambiance.

2. sophisticated and serene office space in chappaqua

in john’s primary residence, a delightfully charming chappaqua home, our mission was to design a more spacious and fully equipped office. mindful of the clean, contemporary design thread running through the rest of the home, we created an office that feels cohesive yet distinctly soothing in character.

designing custom built-ins enabled us to discreetly hide the unsightly sins that come with an organized, efficient workspace (looking at you, printer). a comfortable seating area allows for visiting business meetings, and a motorized standing desk fits perfectly with john’s active lifestyle. and when he craves fresh air or inspiration, the outdoors await behind two beautiful french doors.

3. creative workspace in central park west

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decidedly different from our first two workspaces, here we see a space characterized by vibrant artwork and contemporary architectural accents. together, they weave a warm yet intriguing narrative throughout this central park west apartment.

to make this narrow space work well for our client, we prioritized strategic space planning (that separates the living and office area), made thoughtful furniture selections to keep sightlines clear, and designed custom millwork to creatively maximize vertical space.

the true pièce de résistance? this custom-designed desk with inlaid leather blotters. while i played a pivotal role in the styling, chair selection, and blotter, the desk itself is a testament to the architectural prowess of studio p park. it boasts an expansive work surface, embodying artistry in its own right.

tailored cabinetry along the back wall provides an elegant and convenient hideaway for paperwork and lesser-used items. haven and muse? we say yes.

4. a niche office escape in the hamptons

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nestled in the hamptons, this home functions as a year-round sanctuary for our clients. emanating soft colors and natural textures, it’s a tranquil retreat for work and relaxation alike. as for their in-home work space, we designed (ingeniously, i might add) a custom desk that fits snugly within an otherwise underutilized alcove.

flanked by closets for storage, this cozy workspace gazes out into the breathtaking backyard. whether checking emails or savoring a book, this elegantly uncomplicated yet highly functional space strikes the perfect blend of soothing and inspiring.

5. his & her offices in a classically chic pied-à-terre

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what happens when both partners work from home but have very distinct tastes? answer: the “his and her office” is born. in this central park west duplex, we designed two workspaces and thoughtfully adorned each with fine furnishings from esteemed makers. from there, we let each office space shine with individual personality.

stepping into his office (left) is like entering a realm of intrigue and allure, brought to life through a palette of deep, moody tones and handsome wood textures. amidst this masculine ambiance, a subdued gray mohair sofa invites more than just business; it’s a cozy spot for deep contemplation and inspired thinking.

in delightful contrast, her office (right) is a tribute to the elegance of platinum and champagne. with a lavish silk carpet underfoot, a lavender-hued sofa as a centerpiece, and (of course) a desk, this refined space is as equipped for hosting charity planning meetings as it is for working in luxury.

feeling inspired and ready to invite both style and productivity into your home? reach out and yours could be next…

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