darci hether gives her top 5 easy interior design tips to make a big impact! - darci hether new york

since it’s finally starting to feel like spring, i thought it would be fun to share some quick and easy design tips that anyone can do! these are some simple ways to give your home that professional polish. so pour yourself a glass of rosé and relax—i promise these tips won’t hurt!

design tip #1: everyone should have a leg on the island.

designer showhouse bedroom - darci hether new york

actually, make that 2 legs on the island! and what do i mean by island? your area rug! help define your seating area by choosing a rug big enough that your sofa, chairs, and side tables can have at least 2 legs sitting on the rug. this really centers and grounds the space and can help define the conversation area.

that said, i always recommend that side tables with flat bases should rest completely on the rug. don’t have them teeter-tottering! you’ll spill your wine. and we all know how important wine is…

design tip #1: keep at least two legs on the area rug to define a space. -- silver gold grey yellow designer showhouse bedroom - darci hether new york

take a closer look at my designer showhouse bedroom—the front legs of every furniture piece are on the rug. and that side table? completely flat on the rug.

want to learn more about area rugs? check out last week’s blog post about picking the perfect area rug.

design tip #2: hang your artwork at the right height.

fifth avenue chic living room with mixed metals and abstract artwork and ornate marble fireplace - silver gold white grey - darci hether new york

being mindful of your art selections and positioning can really elevate a room. nevertheless, i have found people often make the mistake of hanging their artwork too high. here’s an easy rule of thumb when considering how high to hang your art: the center of your artwork should sit between 5 and 5.5 feet off the floor. you’ll be surprised at how much this can make a difference!

but with every good rule, there are always exceptions!  oversized art can come down lower, and art hanging over a sofa should be about 6-9″ above the sofa.  it’s all about proportions and balance. as you can see in my fifth ave living room above, the long narrow painting sits slightly lower because of its size, but the piece over the couch is about 8″ above the top of the couch.

design tip #2: most people hang artwork too high! here's what you're doing wrong. - living room artwork - darci hether new york

another thing to keep in mind when hanging artwork is where you are in the room when you look at it. smaller artwork, no matter how big the matte and frame, is better appreciated close up. i like to hang it on smaller walls, or in areas you walk by and can look at it closer up.

to really elevate your space, don’t neglect your frames! your frames are like jewelry, and the right necklace can really make an outfit pop! if you’re here in nyc, i can’t recommend j.pocker enough. they’re my go-to for custom framing, and the quality is exquisite.

are you feeling lost about how to curate and hang your artwork? like i said in my 5 myths about interior design blog post, the kind of help a designer can provide is more varied than you might think! one of my favorite services to provide is finishing touches. we can help you select artwork and shop for your finishing touches that will style your home to impress.

design tip #3: white linens only.

design tip #3: choose white linens for the bedroom and bathroom, and here's why. - darci hether new york

i always encourage my clients to go with all white sheets and towels. white linens are elegant and above all practical. they’re neutral, they go with everything, they don’t fade, they’re easy to clean or bleach… and if you ever need to refresh them you only need to replace 1 or 2 pieces instead of struggling to color match a full set. your pillowcases looking a little worse for wear? with white linens, you only need to buy new pillowcases, not a whole new sheet set!

there’s nothing quite like the soft embrace of a high-quality sheet… and did you know the average person spends 229,961 hours in their lifetime sleeping?

my go-to for my clients is frette’s chic but simple hotel collection sheets, and i love their triplo bourdon towels. their linens are luxurious perfection.

fresh white linens are mandatory! these are my go-to for my clients - darci hether new york

a. hotel collection sheets // b. triplo bourdon towels

these linens will make you feel pampered every day. for more advice about designing a bedroom to help combat insomnia, take a look at my blog post about creating a serene bedroom.

design tip #4: swatch paint colors on masonite.

design tip #4: picking paint colors can be a challenge. here's a life hack to make it better! - darci hether new york

are you thinking it’s time to repaint and need to pick a new paint color? here’s a trick i adore: instead of turning your life upside down to paint swatches on the walls in your space, paint the color on a 24×24 piece of masonite. it’s inexpensive to pick up at the hardware store and you can walk it around the room to really get a feel for the color in the space. try it in front of each wall and in different lighting conditions to be absolutely certain it’s the right color for you! this is also great if you’re thinking of one color for your entire home—you might find the color looks great in one room and is too dark somewhere else. or that color you thought would be perfect for the kitchen looks even better in the living room!

one thing to consider is that color is all about lighting, and different lighting conditions can really affect the color that you see. the color of your bulbs, the light from your windows, and the time of day can all make the paint color look drastically different.

looking for the perfect paint colors? here are some of my favorites. for more information on how to pick out that perfect color, here are some more of my paint tips! if you’re considering painting, take a look at these beautiful swatch book of benjamin moore off-whites & greys.

picking paint colors is simple with this neutral off-white swatch book from benjamin moore - darci hether new york

benjamin moore – white collection paint deck

design tip #5: pick a signature scent

design tip #5: pick a distinctive fragrance for your home for this surprising reason. - darci hether new york

do you remember the way your grandparents’ house smelled? our sense of smell is the sense closest connected to memory. pick a signature scent for your space so you can define the memory people will have when they visit! pick scents that are subtle but nuanced, and keep in mind how those scents make you feel. here are some my favorite scents to help define your aesthetic:

pick a signature scent for your home - diptyque candles and room sprays - darci hether new york

a. 34 room spray // b. lavender candle // c. fig candle

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cheers ~ darci