when it comes to self-care, i am a staunch supporter of the classics: spa days, a relaxing deep-tissue massage, and culinary pampering à la the city’s finest chefs.

however, i’m also a firm believer that you shouldn’t have to leave the house to feel your worries melt away. your home can be an equally serene space, one that promotes self-care, happiness, and long-term wellness. no surprises here…design plays an important role!

this month i’m sharing a few ways we design serene spaces perfect for de-stressing. you can implement some of our tips yourself, browse my 4 favorite self-care products, or work with us to create a personalized, swoon-worthy space that profoundly pampers….

project: westhampton beach home credit: kelseyannrose

tip 1. create designated spaces for wellness

each of us defines wellness differently. for some, it’s beginning the day with a rejuvenating glass of hot lemon water, engaging in some form of meditation or movement, or sinking into a good book before bed. this is why design always follows function. we get to know your routine (or desired routine) first and then create spaces that cater to them.

you can do the same. examples could include:

  • a cozy nook in your primary suite, complete with chaise lounge, lamp, and side table
  • a plush, built-in bench overlooking the city
  • a home fitness area where you will actually enjoy using your peloton
  • a yoga studio for classes and meditation
  • a bathroom with spa-worthy amenities: steam shower, heated floors, vanity with seating
  • and so much more…

whatever you choose, i can guarantee that incorporating thoughtful, wellness-inspired spaces into your home’s design will help you savor even more of everyday life.

project: westhampton beach home credit: kelseyannrose

spoiler alert: we just wrapped up a stunning home in chappaqua that includes the most peaceful personal yoga studio. stay tuned for the full reveal coming soon!

tip 2. stimulate your senses

if you look at traditionally soothing experiences — spas, boutique hotels, fine dining — they are complete sensory experiences, from sight to sound, touch to taste to feel. creating a home that pampers you is no different, and evoking a spectrum of senses can help impact your mood instantly.

what do i suggest? i thought you’d never ask…

  • sight: a relaxing color palette (fresh and airy, moody and immersive), ambient lighting, glowing candles, lush textiles for visual softness, clean lines for airiness and breathability, greenery for spa-inspired freshness
  • sound: sound system for relaxing music, a crackling fireplace (or crackling candle wick), and thick drapery to eliminate echoes
  • scent: essential oils, soy candles, and natural elements, like eucalyptus leaves or cinnamon
  • taste: any brew that transports you to your happy place! (tea, wine, coffee, cocktails, etc.)
  • touch: lush textiles for rugs, sofas, ottomans, and linens
  • or all of the above. don’t mind if i do!
photographer credit: emily gilbert photography

tip 3. prioritize tech-free zones

these days, it seems almost impossible to get away from digital screens, notifications, and the need to be “on” all the time. as a business owner, i find it especially difficult to unplug. however, i’m very much an “if there’s a will, there’s a way” type of person and, you know me, i have the will.

in my home, i have designated my bedroom a sacred, no-tech zone — not even a tv! i prefer to keep bright, overstimulating screens elsewhere. instead, my nightly routine includes winding down with a good book in a quiet corner of the room.

since creating some boundaries with tech, i’ve experienced the benefits of better sleep, more energy, increased patience (always a virtue), and a greater capacity for problem-solving and creativity…aka the designer’s toolkit for success.

have you ever considered a tech-free zone in your home? or a bedtime ritual that trades bright screens for quiet activities? i dare you to try it. 😉

photographer credit: emily gilbert photography

tip 4. invest in rest

speaking of bedrooms, quality sleep and mental health are so closely aligned. getting adequate rest boosts our energy level, immune system, and so much more while improving our overall quality of life. yes, please. fortunately, eliminating screens from the room isn’t the only way to prepare you for your beauty sleep.

take cues from luxury hotels and invest in comfort:

  • luxurious bedding (keep reading for my favorite sheets)
  • a high-quality mattress (like this one)
  • comfortable pillows, the essential for quality sleep
  • a soothing color palette (less saturated colors are best for restful spaces)
  • warm-toned bedside lamps for nighttime light that doesn’t overstimulate
project: chic 5th ave. apartment with central park views credit: emily gilbert photography

tip 5. take action

now is the moment to transform all of your ideas into real action. i know you are a busy person, but rather than escaping to a luxury hotel when you have hit your limit, invest some time in creating a rejuvenating retreat that offers long-term, health-inspired returns.

for help designing your most serene spaces, you can always contact us. or, use my a-list of products perfect for the pampering you deserve:

1. whether listening to mediation-ready focus music or blasting pump-up workout tunes, sonos wireless speakers offer a great alternative to more invasive or complicated in-wall systems. if you’re not ready to open up walls, this tabletop speaker will get the job done.

2. i’m obsessed with my new parachute sheets. they are soft, luxurious, and wildly comfortable, making slipping into bed the most exciting part of the day. you’re welcome.

3. meet your new favorite candle. floral notes combine with citrus to make this a fresh and classic scent. it will rejuvenate your senses instantly. plus, it comes in a beautifully designed, universally appealing shape. perfect for shelf decor.

4. latest healthy obsession? all things bloom nutrition. nutrition and immunity are a huge part of wellness, and pampering yourself happens on the inside, too. tip: you’re going to want to try the coconut greens & superfoods – trust me.

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