frame back chairs from modern living supply in our sutton place contemporary project (credit: emily gilbert photography)


journey with me for a moment…

you’re browsing for a new set of chairs for your dining table, but you’re feeling overwhelmed. the options are endless, the difference in cost from one end of the spectrum to the other is tremendous, and frankly, you’re beginning to wonder if you should just settle for what you already own because this shopping stress doesn’t seem worth it.

you’re not alone! this is precisely why so many of our clients come to us. they simply don’t want to spend the time or feel the aggravation of having to select the perfect pieces from an infinite sea of options. they would rather trust those decisions to experts with vision. 😉

today, i’m sharing some insight into what makes a quality dining chair along with our a-list: seriously swoon-worthy dining chairs by some of our favorite vendors. come take a look…


margot chairs from dune in our central park west project (credit: emily gilbert photography)


what to look for in high-quality dining chairs

when it comes to dining chairs, they are not all created equally…and it certainly isn’t just about looks. of course, we all want phenomenal furnishings in our homes, but at dhny, we believe there are 4 essential standards…along with the old adage that you get what you pay for. 😉

1. construction

questions to consider: are the joints solid? what type of wood is used? if the seat is upholstered, is it wrapped so that you don’t feel the wood frame? (even better if it has an eight-way, hand-tied spring system… it’ll hold up over time.)

these are all must-ask questions when shopping for high-end dining chairs. construction matters, as do the materials used, to guarantee a smart investment and long-term happiness in your home.

2. comfort

questions to consider: are the chairs the correct depth? do they hit the back of your knees just right? is enough back support provided?

a chair that is well-made or looks stunning but creates discomfort simply isn’t worth its salt. period.



velin chairs from christian liaigre in leather and oak, from the bespoke bachelor pad on park avenue (credit: emily gilbert photography)

3. movement

questions to consider: how easily can you move the chair around? will the arms fit neatly under the dining table? do the legs splay out so much that you might stub your toe regularly? are they so deep that they stick out awkwardly far from the table?

being able to easily move a dining chair is paramount, since they will be pushed in and scooted out every time they are in use. along those same lines, the stagnant position of the chair matters as well, as it needs to tuck tidily beneath the table without impeding the flow of the room.

4. style

questions to consider: depending on the other components in the dining room, do you want the chairs to “be quiet” and disappear? or do you want them to take center stage as a fabulous showpiece while everything else fades into the background?

there is no right or wrong answer, but having an idea of its role in the overall design scheme certainly helps when narrowing down your chair selections.

when you find a set of chairs that satisfies all of the above questions and brings a smile to your face, you’ve found “the one.” sit back, savor the moment, let the overwhelm fade away, and trust that no matter the price tag, the chairs you’ve just selected will be a worthy investment for years to come.


timeless october chairs from holly hunt have a commanding presence and bow gracefully to the surrounding decor of our two-story duplex at central park west (credit: emily gilbert photography)


the a-list: dhny’s top picks for dining chairs

the chairs below range in investment from $1500-$3,000 per chair. yes, there may be some sticker shock if you haven’t invested in dining chairs before, but these are the crème de la crème. they meet all of our quality checks, excel in elevated style, and are pieces that will keep giving long into the future… maybe even get passed down.

first up…

1. bardot


maker: gabriel scott

what we love: with its small footprint, chic black metal frame with contracting metal accent, and leather seat and back pad for contrast, this chair is as versatile and comfortable as they come.

2. brava


maker: holly hunt

what we love: the metal detailing and svelte shape of the legs are seriously so sexy! plus, the scale is perfect. although it feels light and airy, it can comfortably hold weight (not just for the petite or for show).

3. cuve


maker: dmitriy & co

what we love: this chair is super simple, super subtle, and super swoon-worthy. the high curve adds softness, but the clean lines keep it chic and contemporary. it is a “small” chair that sits “big,” making it a phenomenal option for nearly any aesthetic.

4. minerva


maker: holly hunt

what we love: nobody does finish details like holly hunt. from the clean lines to the slight curves, the form of the arms and the sexy open back, this chair is the perfect balance, conveying an overall levity that reads anything but heavy. oh, and can we just pause a moment to admire the pure perfection that is that wood base? *sigh*

5. g chair


maker: nina seirafi at ralph pucci

what we love: ideal for any modern hamptons home, this chair has great lines, high contrast, and an elegant style. plus, the cane back provides a relaxed feeling — perfect for lazy days of decompressing and destressing at the beach.

okay, which of the 5 were your favorite? i know it’s tough to choose!

if any (or all) of these swoonworthy chair selections have you inspired, let’s chat. the dhny team would be honored to work alongside you to design a dining room that showcases your style while bringing livable luxury and ultimate comfort into your home.

p.s. if you want your updated dining room ready for thanksgiving, start now. 😉

cheers ~ darci