get the look... contemporary bath

i recently completed a gut renovation of a tribeca penthouse apartment with rooftop terrace for a repeat client that was “moving on up” from his first apartment that we did about 5 years ago. it was an incredible project as it’s always a joy to work with a returning client and the “new” building he was moving into had an amazing amount of history – parts of which we tried to incorporate into our modern design of the space – that was also going through a stunning restoration.

the apartment renovation consisted of gutting and opening up the kitchen to allow for a more “open concept” plan, moving one of the two bedrooms to the other side of the apartment, and re-configuring the two very small and extremely awkward bathrooms into two spacious, modern and functional bathrooms.

here is a “before” look of the layout of the apartment…..

i've heard of a jack and jill bathroom before but a jack and jill shower? eww!

and here is a look of the layout after the renovation…..

now, don't these bathroom layouts make much more sense!

after the completion of this project, i had the apartment professionally photographed and then added those images to all the different social media platforms. yay!

well, that secondary bathroom went a bit viral and was featured, not once but twice, on houzz! additionally, we’ve received a ton of inquires on the overall design and the products that were used.

clean and serene!

while we do honor the fact that we custom source for all of our private design clients and therefore, as is my firms policy, do not share our resources, i thought it might be fun to create a “get the look” for anyone who was particularly drawn to this bathroom with items that can be purchased directly on houzz!…..and, bonus, if you use the below houzz code, you can get 5% off of your order!!!

houzz code: 4508A

here are my favorites to help you create a look similar to this tribeca bathroom that has received so much love……

wall hung vanity // towel bar // wall hung toilet // sconce // medicine cabinet // showerhead

don’t forget to use the houzz code to get 5% off your order! houzz code: 4508A

and what is the best way to reward yourself after a bathroom renovation?…..with a relaxing soak in the tub of course!

here are a few of my favorite items to create a perfectly chic spa at home…..

home spaaaaaaaa.....

1. diffuser  2. towels  3. bath salts  4. bubble bath  5. body brush  6. slippers  7. bubble bath  8. body wash  9. sea sponge

wow…..i don’t know about you but i’m feeling more than ready to go take a relaxing soak in my tub! till next time…..


paris interiors, part deux... gilles & boissier

do i apologize to you right out of the gate or do i ask you for a little indulgence for yet another post about french interiors? or, do we collectively open a bottle of bubbly and cheers the beautifully chic works of gilles & boissier? oh good, you’re up for some champagne as well? fantastic, let’s get started and explore some seriously enviable interior eye candy!

according to their website, this apartment was completed in 2007… in 10 years ago(!) and it still reads as chic and as timeless today. did you notice the ceiling detail? so clean, so simple, yet adds so much drama and character!

gorgeous shades of white and grey? you had me at hello!

the clean architectural elements of this apartment allow for the simple furniture shapes – some with subtle curves – and the sumptuous textures of the materials to really shine through. did you notice the fireplace surround? stunningly uncomplicated.

the otherwise squareness of all of the shapes in this space are cut with the clever curved corners of the back of these dining chair.

if the above apartment is decidedly more contemporary with it’s minimalist architectural backdrop, this next apartment is the polar opposite! i’d like to believe that all of the intricately ornate applied carvings on the doors, crown molding and ceiling were done by artisans during the baroque period and this lucky homeowner is now the beneficiary of their craftsmanship.

note how this apartment is transformed into a modern, clean living space with the use of easy lines and a neutral color palette. simply gorgeous!

oh my much ceiling detail! wow!!

hungry for some beautiful restaurant design? the gilles & boissier aesthetic continues at café de l’homme. once again, clean, structural lines are the major overlying design element but they are softened the thoughtful use of curved backed chairs and uniquely designed flooring.

great interiors with a stunning exterior view? yes, please!

here, the team at gilles & boissier masterfully mix old world design elements set against decidedly modern material. rosé tinted back painted wall panels? um, yes!

i'm not what you'd call a "pink person" but to be able to dine in this pretty in pink dining room might just convert me.
beautiful all of the right places!

feeling the travel bug? need a place to hang your hat? check out this gorgeous hotel by gilles & boissier … i just love that rich bleu color, the clean lines, and the soft luxurious curves.

love that curve on the bed frame ...

i wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving! i’ll leave you with this stunning rooftop view from cafe de l’homme — talk about wow!


paris interiors... joseph dirand architecture

a couple weeks ago while flipping channels on the tv because nothing *good* was on, my husband and i stumbled upon “i’ll have what phil’s having” and down the rabbit hole we went! have you seen this show yet? no?? go, watch it now!!….i’ll wait!

anywho……the episode that we happened to catch that fateful night was when phil was in paris. oooooh la la! everything looked so yummy! not to mention all of the tasty scenery they were showing! needless to say, after realizing it had been a couple years since our last visit, we were craving what phil was having – both the edible and the visual – which lead us to a quick internet search for plane tickets. next thing we knew…..voilà!

paris, here we come!

in prepping for our upcoming trip i fell down yet another rabbit hole while researching beautifully designed parisian haunts. what i found was breath taking! welcome to the world of joseph dirand!

oh! my! goodness……!

the quintessential view from monsieur blue - a stunning restuarant designed by joseph dirand
view of the main dining area at monsieur bleu
oy! details, upon details, upon details! i'm swooning over that fireplace surround!!

and for another gorgeous place to nibble some delicious bites……

view of the main dining area at le flandrin - designed by joseph dirand

so, after i cleaned the drool off of the side of my chin from looking at the sumptuous restaurants mr. dirand has created, i continued my downward rabbit hole spiral by investigating his residential design projects…..his works really do need to come with a warning label because i thought my heart was going to stop.

too! stunning! for! words!

just look at some of the flawless interiors this brilliant man has produced… enjoy!

his attention to detail, use of space, material selection and furniture silhouettes is incredible. it’s just so clean, detailed and thought out. i’ve honestly run out of adjectives to express my love of his work!

simply put, joseph dirand architecture creates chic and sophisticated spaces that allows simple objects to become the focal point and creates visual moments to let *special* items really shine!

i’m coming for you, paris, and i can’t wait to experience all your inspiring attributes up close and in person!


get the look...

i’ve had this sitting room image from the talented rachel reider of rachel reider interiorssaved on in one mood boards for quite some time. i love the soothing colors, textures and use of materials that rachel mixed together to create this calming and contemporary space. who would’t want to cozy up in this room with a great friend and a yummy glass of wine?

do you love this room as much as i do? here’s a little inspirational shopping list to help you on your way…

lighting: floor lamp ~ sculptural, brass and functional… what’s not to love about this sabine floor lamp?

artwork: abstract ~ make a bold impact on your walls by using large scaled, abstract artwork like “blue monday“!

seating: guest chair ~ this grayson chair is not only streamlined and handsome, it is also comfortable and very affordable!

pillow: texture ~ the easiest and most cost-effective way to add a bit of personality and pizazz to a room is through the use of throw pillows. this broach one really sparkles!

functional: side table ~ everyone needs a place to set a glass (preferably one filled with bubbly!) or a book so why not make it an interesting looking perch! this gem cut side tablehas just the right amount of zip!

decor: glass accessories ~ add color and shine with these fun vases, vessels and objects.

it doesn’t take a lot to make a big impact on a room…..a few well placed accessories, a couple pops of color, calming textures, comfortable seating and voila! a comfy, cozy and fun space to sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of bubbly!


seeing red... color trend of the year 2018

have you heard the news? benjamin moore recently made their 2018 color trend of the year prediction and the color is (drum roll please……) caliente! hum.

if you were to do a quick google search on the psychology of the color red you would find a pretty mixed bag of positive and negative associations – war and danger (no, thank you!) to passion and enhanced metabolism (yes, please!!) – but it is a color that, as the saying goes,  a little can go a long way.

red is not a color that i use very much except (as anyone who knows me knows!) to paint my lips. but, when done right, i think it can make quite the perfect statement.

[my client’s incredible collection of artwork brought just the right pop of red to this chic and sumptuous guest bedroom. as for my choice of the perfect shade of red lipstick – one can never go wrong with mac’s ruby woo!]

[do you get the sense that i only like using red in drips and drabs? you would not be mistaken!]

pow! how's that for a pop of red?

[my client and i selected this chair not only because it created a fun, dramatic moment in his otherwise moody and masculine bedroom but because it would be a focal point when walking into his apartment as this corner of the room could be scene from the front door.]

so, is the predicted color of the year hot, hot hot – as it’s name suggests – or not, not, not? how would you use it in your own home? do tell!


statement lighting... make an impact!

while my design aesthetic is decidedly more about clean lines, interesting use of texture and materials, simplistic yet stylishly designed furnishings and, of course, bespoke details, the one area that I like to add some drama and impact is in the use of chic and stunning decorative lighting.

for me, an eye catching, moment making, light fixture is like a woman in a tailored outfit with an amazing statement piece of jewelry!

i love creating areas where the architectural silhouettes of the space allows for the eye to be drawn to a showstopping point of interest with an amazingly sculptural light fixture.

[i think that everything lindsey adelman does is pure magic! and this handsome fixture is no exception]
[this stunner was created using over 200 strands of gems threaded through a gorgeous bronze metal canopy]
[like champagne bubbles overhead! who wouldn't want to dine underneath this beauty?!]

while i typically only work with to-the-trade-only vendors, there are some beautiful options that are available to all! check out some of my favorites below…..

smoky style ~ i love a multi-tiered, linear fixture over a long rectangular table. and this one is full of interest!

glamorous gems ~ like dining under diamonds! how stunning is this *jewel* of a fixture?!

dynamic disks ~ chic, modern and above all, eye catching.

dark drama ~ david weeks is a master at creating some of the most iconic and interesting light fixtures and this one is sure to be a classic.

asymmetrical artistry ~ it’s deceiving from this picture, but this fixture is oversized and fabulous!

so… about adding some visual interest and a bit of drama to your dining room?! which is your favorite fixture? are you willing to take the risk? do tell!


get the look... contemporary kitchen

we recently completed a gut renovation of this super chic, light filled, tribeca apartment.

the open concept, contemporary kitchen is the heart and soul of this home and any cook’s dream to create magic in! we kept the upper cabinetry light and bright while contrasting against the dark and textural base cabinets with the end result offering a clean and simple look. the multi-armed pivoting light pendant is both functional and a focal point that spans over the island and custom dining table.

contemporary kitchen with mixed metals

stainless steel appliances and etched glass backsplash lend themselves to this contemporary kitchen. a custom cantilevered dining table top floats seamlessly out of the kitchen island.

open to the dining area, we created a desk niche which complements the contemporary kitchen, offering a chic design solution for an at-home office space which boasts of stylish shelf storage and plenty of uninterrupted work surface.

UPDATE 4/12/18: check out how to get the look of this apartment’s chic contemporary bathroom! it went viral on houzz twice, so i couldn’t resist a write-up.

below are a few pieces that will help you get the contemporary kitchen of your dreams!

lighting: pendant ~ this clean lined, multi-arm light adds just the right amount of interest….not to mention a great amount of light!

functional: pot filler ~ make filling your spaghetti pot easy with this chic and stylish pot filler!

seating: dining chair ~ clean lines and comfort make this dining chair a perfect choice for a contemporary kitchen with an eat-in dining area.

entertaining: tiered plate ~ delicious canapés will look even tastier sitting atop this gorgeous serving piece!

storage: shelf brackets ~ these functional yet modern shelf brackets add the perfect amount of style and interest to one’s storage needs.

so, what are you going to do to make your kitchen more contemporary? a few strategic updates can take your kitchen from boring and bland to culinary chic! if you need help making magic happen in your kitchen design we’d love to be of help! give us a call!


bachelor pad... masculine master bedroom

it used to be that when the words “bachelor pad” were uttered, visions of worn or mismatched furniture left over from one’s college years and dirty laundry littering the floor sprung to mind. thankfully, this is not always the case….and quite honestly, should really neverbe the case!

just because a guy is, well, a guy doesn’t mean that thoughtful attention cannot be paid to his dwelling! actually, i would argue that even more care should be given to his space especially considering his potential day to day work load, stresses and obligations! as oprah is famous of saying “your home should rise up to greet you” ……like receiving a giant hug when you walk through the door at the end of your day – a place of refuge from the outside world, a place of tranquility and comfort, a place where one feels well cared for.

for this sophisticated and chic bachelor master bedroom i swathed the walls with a gorgeous grey grass cloth wallpaper which immediately added warmth and texture to the room.

i designed the custom built-in (and the stunning custom bronze hardware!) to not only add interest to the space but also allow for some of the homeowner’s personality to be showcased and shine through with his personal effects.

no detail was left unnoticed!….from the custom designed bronze hardware to the thoughtful mix of colorful and patterned fabrics i selected for the bespoke throw pillows, the retreat that was created not only ensured an immediate calming sensation but set the mood for relaxation and decompression.

are you a bachelor? what does your space say about you? does it rise up to meet you at the end of a hard day? with a few carefully curated elements and thoughtful accessories your space can be transported from collegiate chaos to a dignified dwelling!


UPDATE 4/12/18: want to see more of this masculine park ave apartment? check out this blog post about the apartment’s instagram-famous foyer!


fall home refresh - quick and easy updates to get your home ready for the season

with the labor day holiday providing us with the unofficial end of summer, now might be the perfect time to usher in the fall season with a little home refresh!

i always like to change things up a little in preparation for the upcoming cozy-time, spiced-something, change in the weather period. to that point, i thought i’d share some of my favorite, quick and easy decor tricks to update and refresh one’s home……

texture: pillows – one of the quickest and most bang-for-your-buck ways to update your living space is by changing out your pillows! here are a few of my favorites. fuzzy wuzzy, geometric gem, textural velvet

scent: candle – nothing smells like fall to me more than this gorgeous fig candle. do yourself a favor and run out now to buy one! you’ll thank me later, i promise!!

decor: accessories – swapping out some decorative items is a sure fire way to update your space. try one of these on for size! tray, two-toned vase, tank vase, orb object

mood: lighting – updating one’s lighting not only refreshes the space but can add another way of creating the perfect fall mood. and this chic table lamp is not only functional but decorative as well

bedroom: duvet cover – don’t forget your bedroom when changing up the mood of your home! i love swapping our duvet cover every fall/winter from the one used during the spring/summer months. how beautiful is this one??

I hope this post has inspired you to take a look around your own home and think of some simple yet super fun ways to add a little update and interest to your interiors for this fall season!


how to... pick a paint color

so i already shared with you my favorite go-to paint colors in a previous post, but how does one find the perfect backdrop for their particular space? luckily, most paint manufactures realize that, while their awe-inspiring wall of colored paint chip options might elicit the inner hidden artist in some, it can also be super intimidating – even fear inducing – for others when considering the many many choices available. to that point, the paint companies offer small “color pots” for customers to purchase – once they’ve narrowed it down to their few favorites – to sample in their own space….and in-situation sampling is so very important!!

how to pick paint color - details by darci hether

[we went through 6 different paint colors in this den to find the perfect shade of blue-grey. and the second color from the left that looked grey on the paint chip certainly did not look grey once sampled in the room! can you guess which of these colors we ended up using? take a look at the completed room in the picture below.

why is sampling paint colors in their intended room so important? aside from the fact that many individuals struggle to visualize what a color will look like in their room from a teeny, tiny painted piece of paper, there are other variables within a space that can drastically alter the appearance of a color. what are those variables? so glad you asked!

here are a few things to consider:

lighting! how is the room lit?

incandescent bulbs add a warmer, more yellow hue to the colors they illuminate.

led bulbs – a great alternative to the soon-to-be extinct incandescent bulbs – come in an array of color temperatures from cool bright white to warm to soft white. i always prefer soft white led bulbs!

halogen bulbs are more resembling of natural light and make all colors look more vivid. using halogens would make the transition from daylight to artificial light less jarring.

florescent lighting (please tell me you are not using florescent bulbs in your home!!) emits a cooler, more blue light and changes the colors of the room as a result.

natural light shows the truest color and should always be considered when selecting paint colors. having said that, the direction the room in question faces and how the natural light comes into the room adds yet another layer to how lighting can affect the colors of a room! read on to find out how…..

how to pick a paint color - details by darci hether

[if you guessed the fourth color from the left, you are right! but case in point, when this south-facing room was photographed, it was done in the late afternoon when the natural light was flooding in. if you were to see this room first thing in the morning the wall color reads much darker and moodier.

north-facing rooms can be a bit challenging. the light in these rooms tend to be cool and bluish. so, instead of fighting it, work with what you’ve got! typically bolder colors show better than muted colors, which will look more subdued.

south-facing rooms, on the other hand, are a joy for picking paint colors! they are full of warm light and therefore work well with cool and warm colors!

east-facing rooms are filled with light that is warm and yellowy before noon and then turns bluer later in the day. generally speaking, i love sampling different shades of grey in east facing rooms and checking back periodically throughout the day to see how amazingly the colors change.

west-facing rooms provide the best evening light and offer a beautiful warm feeling at night. but be sure to check the color you are sampling during the morning hours as the morning light can produce shadows and make colors look dull.

how to pick a paint color - details by darci hether

[here’s an example of how natural light can alter the read of color in a room…..these two images are of the same room, at about the same time of day, but the bed wall – which is tucked back away from the windows – reads darker and moodier that the wall near the chair and fireplace.

so, now that you know a bit more about how light can affect the read of a color, where oh where to sample your paint options?? I always recommend sampling a color in at least two locations of a room: one sample directly opposite the window and one sample directly next to the window. why? the sample opposite the window will read its lightest and brightest while the color next to the window will read its darkest and dullest. do you love the color in both of these locations?….well then, you may have just found your winner! oh, and when sampling the paint colors, be sure to paint a large enough sample – at least a 12″ x 12″ square – and that the sample square is fully saturated with the sample color so as to not pick up the existing wall color behind it!

how about it?? are you ready to try your hand at selecting a new paint color for your place? if you’re still not confident in choosing your new wall hue and you’d like some professional expertise, we are here to help!!