when our client returned to new york city after living overseas for 5 years, he had knew what he was looking for. after all, he had just left an ideal european bachelor pad behind, and firmly believed it could be recreated (only bigger and better) here in nyc. 

it didn’t take long to locate the perfect apartment on park ave. but there was a catch. as an estate sale, the space had not seen any updates since it was initially built… wait for it… 45 years prior. 

we both knew a full gut renovation was on the horizon!

next order of business… what would it become? our world-traveling business executive imagined a space where he could unwind at the end of each jaunt to europe or asia. where he could entertain his guests in the sophisticated yet relaxed manner he was accustomed to. where he could live in ultimate style and comfort.

on cue, the dhny team set about designing a space that would recreate the welcoming, effortlessly chic ambiance of his european abode.

ready to see how it all turned out?

darci hether new york upper east side park ave bachelor pad renovation

project goals

keeping with our client’s personality, we knew the space needed to be modern, elevated, and approachable. it also needed to work well for our client’s lifestyle…

  • create a place that our client could relax and indulge
  • design a space that accommodates all types of entertaining, from intimate dinners to cocktail parties to larger events
  • strike the perfect balance of worldly refinement, custom pieces, and comfort (this bachelor pad might be elegant but it’s no museum!)

sound like a challenge? we call it fun. 😉

design is in the details

it only takes one swift glance into this client’s bachelor pad to see how comfortable, yet sophisticated it feels. we achieved the look with clean lines, a symphony of neutrals, and occasional pops of slate and emerald green… not to mention this one-of-a-kind, stunning inlay flooring.

park ave ny bachelor pad renovation modern contemporary art gallery collection entryway bespoke stone floor

well-traveled and with an eye for style, our client had amassed an art collection we couldn’t wait to feature. in this entryway-turned-gallery space, we kept the walls neutral and let his taste shine. we chose a high-gloss lacquered wallpaper for the ceiling (why not reflect that gorgeous floor?), framed it with custom moulding, and chose a modern light fixture and svelte table to complete the look.

beyond the awe-inspiring beauty of the gallery space, the rest of the apartment awaits. on the left, a dramatic and magnetic dining room…

grand dining room

holly hunt chairs modern branched lighting custom bespoke upholstered bench dining room renovation

as an avid entertainer, our client prioritized an inviting and elegant dining room… and we wanted to make it unforgettable. in a twist of genius (if i do say so myself) our team shifted the dining table to one wall, allowing one of the table sides to feature a custom freestanding, upholstered banquette. 

would you look at this high-backed beauty?? it boasts comfort and grandeur all in one, whether you’re reclining at ease on its cushions or soaking up the view from across the table, martini in hand. 😉 

speaking of, those who don’t win a seat at the banquette are sure to be happy in second place with these luxuriously comfortable holly hunt dining chairs. this is one dining room where everyone is well taken care of.

lastly, and not to be missed, the dark herringbone patterned hardwood floors are a work of art. and this lindsey adelman agnus branched light fixture brings an air of timeless elegance, unexpected surprise, and undeniable comfort to this transcendent space.

bespoke living room 

darci hether new york tribeca interior designer luxury holly hunt coffee table

learning from an ongoing frustration with his former apartment in europe, our client was adamant about having the ability to entertain his guests in the living room while remaining an excellent host. this meant not having to leave the room in order to freshen up cocktails or refill the hors d’oeuvres, so we knew the living room needed to provide space for all bar essentials, including refrigeration. 

to circumvent this issue, i designed a custom cabinet/sofa back console. you can’t see it in the photo above, but it’s right under the regal elephant, who is practically trumpeting the glory of his spoils: a freezer and a refrigerator in two pull-out drawers. and cabinets on either side of the drawers house glassware and liquor. (ingenious, right?) the console can also be easily cleared off and set up for a full-service bar when needed.

as an hermès loyalist, our client was eager for us to use accessories and textiles from the french high fashion luxury goods manufacturer. we incorporated their textiles in the form of custom floor cushions to sit on the living room area rug, decorative throw pillows in the living room and dining area, and a classic avalon throw blanket in his bedroom.

darci hether new york park ave living room renovation black stone fireplace art collection luxury

here, a glimpse of the holly hunt coffee table with bronze inlay, more from our client’s vast art collection, and a marble fireplace surround that commands attention with its dark beauty.

enviable kitchen

darci hether new york bachelor pad renovation kitchen white marble contemporary elegant luxury

in contrast to the moody neutrals throughout the rest of the home, the kitchen offers a bright morning refresh. natural light streams into this space highlighting the beautiful marble veining of the stone slab backsplash and counters. 

master suite 

a professional who spends as much time abroad as at home needs a bedroom that offers the ultimate reprieve. we filled the room with light and levity by adding a simple-yet-sophisticated textured grasscloth wallcovering in a serene neutral hue.

bachelor pad renovation park ave ny luxury interior design hermes inspired

the space had no room for a dresser, so we creatively incorporated custom built-in storage. its clean-lined, rich in hue, and totally functional for our client’s needs.

bachelor pad renovation park ave ny luxury interior design built in dresser shelving bespoke

because no retreat is complete without a spa, we outfitted the master bath almost entirely in white marble, added a custom contrasting vanity, and allowed natural light to stream in. our team took great pride in creating this truly bespoke space…the crown jewel in such a stately renovation.

bachelor pad renovation park ave ny luxury interior design all marble shower spa white black vanity

from the big picture to the little details, it’s all there. impressive and inviting, rich and relaxing, and a tasteful blend of european elegance and contemporary living. it quickly became one of our team’s favorite projects!

if this bespoke bachelor pad has sparked ideas for the transformation of your own home, let’s chat. the dhny team would love to design a space perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle. 


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