Darci-Heather-New-York_Luxury-Interior-Design_How-to-Know-when-to-Hire-an-Interior-Designer bathroom nyc view

home. it’s the place where you unwind after a full day. it’s where you host intimate dinners or stage larger fêtes that draw a beautiful crowd (in normal times, that is). it’s the place that brings you pride, honors your refined taste, and starts conversations faster than bourbon on an empty stomach. 

given the current situation, your home may not be feeling quite as luxurious and serene now. maybe it’s not meeting your new demands for it — to serve as home office, cocktail lounge, day spa, and fitness center. or, hey, maybe you have cabin fever and could use a stay at your vacation home in 30a, but you know it needs a good renovation before you get there. 

my point is, now more than ever, having a unique, comfortable, and cutting-edge place to call home is so important to our quality of life. if you feel the same, you’re in good company! 

now the big question is… is it the right time to hire an interior designer?


Darci-Heather-New-York_Luxury-Interior-Design_How-to-Know-when-to-Hire-an-Interior-Designer glamorous dining room

this stunning light fixture is a statement piece and major talking point for our 5th avenue clients.


1. does the timeline work for you?

how do you decide if now is the right time to book a spot on your designer’s calendar? well, when do you want to enjoy the final result? 

whether you want a vacation-ready home in the hamptons or a renovated flat on the upper west side, the timeline of your project depends on its scope. it’s difficult to give you an exact answer without knowing your specific project, but for you, i’ll share my best estimates anyway. 😉

• a typical décor project, which consists of furnishings, window treatments, paint or wallpaper and more averages 6-8 months.

• renovations, in which our team guts the home and completes it with turnkey furnishings, can range anywhere from 12-24 months based on the scope of the project, size of the home, etc.

• a new build is the lengthiest of our service offerings, typically taking 18-24 months from start to finish.

dhny tip: given the current social climate, i suggest starting now if you need renovations for a vacation home for next year.



in love with this moody bathroom and vanity we custom designed for our park avenue project


2. are you ready to invest in yourself?

i might be biased, but to me, interior design is always a wise investment. it elevates your lifestyle, brings peace into your routine, and turns a night of glamorous hosting into an affair guests will be talking about long into the future.

but investing in yourself isn’t solely about enjoying the final work of art. it’s about getting to keep your full and fast-paced life along the way. no pause button required.

with full service interior design, you are hiring our design expertise and our buttoned-up process for managing your project every step of the way. in fact, we have many clients who live in their main residences while we design their second homes either on location or remotely. and they love how easy it is to keep calm and carry on.

so when it really comes down to it, your investment is in yourself — honoring your valuable time, your peace of mind, and your full lifestyle.



a dining area that complements our clients’ view at pied-à-terre off 5th


3. do you know what you want?

luxury full-service interior design is perfect for clients who don’t want to lift a finger, but we believe that the best designs are inspired by the people who live in them: your taste. your history. your travels and accomplishments.

after all, our designs aren’t made for us… they are specifically crafted to enhance how you live your life. you can trust that we’ll express a unique and personal design vision for your home that you’ll never — god forbid — see replicated at a colleague’s house!

if you aren’t sure of your design style, or maybe the last time you worked with a designer was ages ago, take a quick moment to reevaluate your preferences first. a little check-in goes a long way toward a result you’ll be proud to call home.

if, however, you already know what you want, what you like, and are open to having a little fun along the way too, you’re ready. and better yet, we will get along splendidly. 😉


Darci-Heather-New-York_Luxury-Interior-Design_How-to-Know-when-to-Hire-an-Interior-Designer luxury bedroom

from our bespoke interior design project on central park west


that’s it, and yes, it really is that simple. know the timeline. know what you’re investing in. know what you want. if these are all green lights in your book, it’s time to get on ours. let’s chat, my friend.