delicious cocktails and stunning interiors rank high among my greatest passions. pair them together, and it’s a symphony for the senses. the truth is, the artistry of cocktails mirrors that of interior design much more than you might expect.

in the realm of cocktails, it’s the fusion of ingredients and aromas that craft the distinctive flavor. similarly, in the world of interior design, elements like color, texture, and lighting play the same role, shaping the atmosphere and overall vibe of the space. finely crafted details elevate both realms to true art forms.

so, whether your taste leans towards the classics or you crave an adventurous concoction, let’s fill our glasses and embark on a sensory journey through 3 captivating dhny interiors, each paired with a fitting cocktail.

1. handsome family room in chappaqua

photographer: kelsey ann rose

the tone: warm, handsome, and contemporary, this chappaqua family room offers a serene environment for any activity. whether you’re cozying up to enjoy the gentle glow of the fireplace or engaged in lively conversation with your favorite people, the moody ambiance and richly layered elements in this space are sure to awaken your senses.

the ingredients: inviting hues, alluring textures, and sophisticated dark accents create the foundation of the room. custom black built-ins adorned with rich leather and metal tab cabinet pulls, an exquisite stone fireplace surround, and an array of comfortable furnishings collectively contribute to the charm of this space.

pairs well with: my personal favorite — an old fashioned. not surprised, are you? imagine the taste of the smoky cocktail and the gentle warmth of the fire. if you ask me, it’s the smoothest way to warm up and wind down at the end of your day, especially in the chillier seasons.

local indulgence: if you’re searching for a place to sip the best old fashioned, the brandy library is it. this personal, intimate library is a treasure trove of the finest brandy and whisky available. what could be better? sophisticated and serene, the amber glow of the space creates the perfect ambiance for cozying up and lounging in style.

2. sparkling nyc apartment with accents that pop

the tone: when we designed the dining room of this 5th avenue apartment, the goal was clear: craft a space that exudes chic elegance while providing a comfortable haven for relaxation.

the ingredients: to achieve our vision, we opted for a custom-designed banquette, two bistro tables, and a gorgeous custom dining table, creating an intimate atmosphere for up to 18 guests. adding a touch of visual intrigue, the glass bubble chandelier adorned with brass accents demands attention in the most subtle of ways. the result? a light, bright, airy space ready for your next sunday soirée.

pairs well with: champagne, naturally! light, bright, with a touch of bubbles, this space exudes the same elegance as a glass of champagne. i can’t help but think of the song “you go to my head,” sung by some of the best crooners….especially the line “and i find you spinning round in my brain like the bubbles in a glass of champagne.”

local indulgence: while there are countless classic establishments in the city where you can sip an elegant flute of sparkling bubbly, one of my favorites has to be the mandarin oriental lounge. with its stunning views overlooking central park and the manhattan skyline, it’s hard to beat. pro tip: the best time to visit is during twilight hours in the fall.

3. contemporary tribeca pied-à-terre with a twist

photography credit: emily gilbert photography

the tone: in this financier’s pied-à-terre in tribeca, our aim was to blend historical charm with contemporary comfort. while the building itself is new, it’s nestled amidst the backdrop of old new york architecture. we created a space that feels soothing, moody, and contemporary, striking a balance between old downtown nyc sophistication and modern design.

the ingredients: throughout this pied-à-terre, a tranquil ambiance immediately embraces you. dark metals impose a subtle industrial feel while texture softens the space in materials like velvet and bouclé. the garnish? oversized artwork blends modernity with the urbane nyc charm.

pairs well with: a martini, both simple and soothing with a refreshing twist, is the perfect match for this upscale, modern space. martinis are timeless, refined, and meant to be enjoyed, just like this pied-à-terre.

local indulgence: in the same way we created a modern space surrounded by historical features, the lobby bar sits beautifully amongst one of the most iconic properties in new york, hotel chelsea. sip your martini at the marble-topped bar or relax in plush velvet furniture while admiring the art of former guests and tenants. ahhh… i’ll take one (or two), please.

if you’re ready to create a home worthy of toasts and cheers, you know where to find us.

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