imagine this… stunning backyard views, a tight-knit community, limitless space, and all a short drive from manhattan. it’s not scarsdale or the hamptons… it’s not nearly as far as katonah… it’s chappaqua! i think i’m in love. 

not only is the woodsy town of chappaqua full of calm, serene charm, but it boasts a wealth of recreational activities: trails in rockefeller state park, nearby orchards that are drop-dead stunning in the fall, and of course, easy access to the city that never sleeps. in other words, the perfect location for the clients you’re about to meet: john and laura.

whip up a cocktail, grab a cozy seat, and join us.

an updated home for a fresh, new lifestyle

john and laura (names changed) are soon-to-be empty nesters who came to us ready to transform and elevate their primary residence to support their next beautiful chapter of life. they’re both busy professionals, love to entertain, and have an enthusiasm for cocktails that i wholeheartedly share (hello, favorite type of client, have we met?!?). 

john is also an avid cyclist and laura loves yoga, making it easy to see why this picturesque location is ideal. you can also see why their design vision — clean, modern spaces designed for serenity — will perfectly balance their active lifestyle.


step 1: a tall order, just the way we like it

the first step in any design project is setting scope. what are we actually doing here? for the sake of time, here is a quick rundown of some of the tasks and specific project goals the chappaqua renovation’s to-do list:

  • gut all of the bathrooms
  • reface all of the fireplaces 
  • update existing built-ins with new paint and hardware
  • create new built-ins for john’s office
  • gut the existing bar and build new built-ins, including floating shelves, an in-cabinet coffee station, and an under cabinet wine fridge (yes, please!!)
  • all new down-lights throughout the home
  • new tile flooring to elevate the entrance 
  • new decorative ceiling-mounted lights throughout the home
  • select all new furnishings (inside and outside)
  • paint the exterior deck and doors in a stunning charcoal color
  • install new french doors in the yoga room that will lead out to a new deck

sound like a tall order? those are our favorite kind. 

john and laura also have an incredible backyard perfect for entertaining (just wait until you see it), so it was oh-so-important to utilize this space wisely. laura will get her very own yoga room with a porch leading onto the back patio. why not? her yoga room, complete with an ensuite bathroom, will also double as a pool house when entertaining guests. great design is smart design, n’est-ce pas?

step 2: the furniture layout

i would love to jump ahead to sumptuous moodboards and fabric samples (consider the photo above a teaser), but the truth is, if we don’t know the furniture layout, it’s impossible to know which pieces we will need to acquire. and which of our clients’ current possessions — family heirlooms, perhaps? — they might want to include in the design.


we created this easy-on-the-eyes floor plan to show how the whole home will flow and function from room to room. we also created dozens of similar looking mockups with not-so-easy-on-the-eyes technical measurements, notations, and specifications (also known as construction documents), but our role is to spare you the headaches. so keep sipping that cocktail and enjoy your stress-free bliss. you’re welcome.

step 3: design direction


now, we’re ready to dive into the design concept. first, the design direction. we proposed an overall palette of sophisticated neutrals, a modern aesthetic, and clean, serene feel. then, we adapted the design concept of each room to repeat this motif while also layering in elements that will make every space feel unique. 

the chappaqua renovation: living room design concept


in the living room, we channeled one of my favorite color palettes: soothing greys, blues, and a neutral champagne hue. smooth yet sumptuous textures create a sense of warm yet refined invitation, as easily adaptable to a cozy date night by the fire as it is to an evening soirée with friends.

the chappaqua renovation: family room design concept


in the family room, we proposed a more monochromatic color scheme, though still layered with sumptuous textiles to keep the modern design feeling approachable yet polished. 

the chappaqua renovation: master & ensuite design concept


for the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom, we proposed a similarly serene color palette of muted charcoal, soft grey, and touches of brass. the result will be comfortable, livable spaces that feel relaxed yet effortlessly elevated.

what’s next?

i’m sure you’re already sitting in eager anticipation to see the results of this stunning home renovation, but due to significant production and shipping delays (thanks, covid), you’ll have to wait a bit…sigh… 

if it helps, you’re in good company. to provide john and laura with a bit of normalcy during the holiday season, we decided to complete and reveal this project in stages. we almost never do this, but crazy times call for creative solutions.

but don’t worry, we’ll be sharing the transformation a little at a time over the next several months… keeping you on the edge of your seat but satisfying your design craving with each room reveal. 😉

before you know it, this renovation project will be complete, and we’ll be raising a celebratory glass of champagne as we oooh and ahhh over delicious design details. i’ll see you there…


in the meantime, if you’re inspired and hoping for your own home renovation, let’s start the conversation. the dhny team would be delighted to use our superior design experience to dream up and execute an idyllic design for your personal aesthetic and way of life.

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