sophisticated comfort, refined elegance, and spaces designed for serenity…this charming chappaqua home renovation has finally come to life.

our clients, john and laura (names changed) were eager for a space that would support their next chapter as empty nesters. they contemplated moving but couldn’t imagine leaving behind their stunning yard and amazing neighbors. they made the right move and contacted us instead.

if you remember from this chappaqua home’s project preview, they imagined a refuge that would indulge their senses, encourage wellness, and welcome guests with open arms. but transforming this home into a clean, modern, and peaceful retreat required refreshing every inch of this house. hello, zone of genius…

project scope review

due to the sheer size of this home, we’ll be revealing the finished design in several phases. today we’ll focus on those first impression spaces: the entryway, living room, and dining area. to recap, the scope included:

  • new tile for an elevated entrance
  • all new down-lights throughout the home
  • refaced fireplace to match the home’s aesthetic
  • updated built-ins with fresh paint and new hardware
  • all new furnishings, drapery, and fixtures
  • a neutral, modern, and serene color palette
  • a thoughtful floor plan for function and flow

are you ready to venture inside? let’s step in the front door…

warm and elegant entryway

photographer credit: kelsey ann rose

refined elegance greets you from the moment you enter this chic, suburban retreat. we used a combination of smooth and sumptuous textures, stunning gold details, and a soothing color palette to create that peaceful first impression. to ground the space, we capped the design off with deep noir accents in the dramatic allied maker light fixture and lovely painted railing.

now, the overall mood is one of cool sophistication that sets the tone for the rest of the home. proof? let’s step into the living room…

comfortable and sophisticated living room

photographer credit: kelsey ann rose

black and gold grace the living room, where we selected brand new furnishings and arranged them strategically for easy conversation and comfortable mingling. an area rug in soft slate establishes a firm foundation throughout this space, while the gorgeous made goods pendant sets a glowing ambiance. but the focal point? this show-stopping fireplace…

photographer credit: kelsey ann rose

this fireplace received a fresh and fabulous facelift that commands the room. sophisticated black stone acts as an anchor, while the art and circa lighting wall sconces complement it beautifully. flanked by two freshly painted built-ins offer necessary storage while displaying contemporary art, making this focal wall both stylish and intentional. what can i say? it’s what we do best.

timeless and elevated dining room

photographer credit: kelsey ann rose

continuing the clean, modern aesthetic, we furnished the dining room with a stunning dark wood table with bronze accents, perfect for hosting friends and family. comfortable upholstered grey chairs are adorned with gold metal detailing that effortlessly echoes the classic chandelier, wall sconces, and framed wall art. perfection.

photographer credit: kelsey ann rose

the patterns in this space do not disappoint! layered throughout, you’ll find floor-to-ceiling drapery, a clean-lined area rug, and my personal favorite, the shimmering wallpaper that fondly reminds me of sparkling champagne. speaking of…

photographer credit: kelsey ann rose

you knew i couldn’t leave without sharing a fully-stocked bar, right? the bar is conveniently located right next to the dining area. (you can actually see it peeking out of the doorway two photos up!) this strategic placement means that guests won’t have to travel very far for that second glass.

that wraps up our tour for now, but stay tuned for the next phase: the family room, kitchen, master bedroom, and yoga studio. in the meantime, if you’re inspired and ready to begin your own home transformation, let’s start the conversation.

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