in both design and life, i have a passion for uncovering hidden gems. i wholeheartedly embrace the transformative power of extraordinary experiences, whether renovating a home or while embarking on a memorable getaway. these moments have the ability to enrich our lives and rejuvenate our souls.

while jet-setting to far-flung destinations is always enticing, sometimes the most remarkable discoveries can be found just around the corner…

welcome to the wildset hotel

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nestled in the quaint and charming town of st. michaels, along the eastern shore and just under 4 hours from nyc, the wildset hotel beckons with its delightful coastal allure and rich historical roots. i had the pleasure of experiencing this chic haven firsthand during a september getaway. visiting during the off-season offered a refreshing escape, free from the hustle and bustle of crowds. just what the doctor ordered.

the unhurried pace invites endless conversation, deep connections, leisurely strolls through local shops, and ultimate relaxation. let’s step inside…

bedrooms steeped in modern simplicity

positioned across three beautifully restored historic homes, each of the 34 unique rooms at the wildset exemplifies contemporary simplicity, providing a restful environment for any traveler. while each room has its own distinct character, they all share common themes: a crisp and classic color palette, understated luxuries, and an effortlessly coastal ambiance.

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in the booth suite, blond wood tones, earthy textiles, and natural materials combine with crisp whites, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. in addition, each deluxe suite boasts a fireplace, balcony or terrace, and cozy seating for your optimal comfort.

while the incredible amenities are reflected in each suite, the interiors vary…

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king suites adhere to a parallel aesthetic yet one displayed in an entirely different light. from moody charcoal blacks to stunning architectural details, the simplistic and chic design of this boutique hotel is just so good!

an added bonus? every room features luxurious parachute home bedding and robes so comfortable, you’ll be tempted to find a way to bring them home with you — trust me, i tried.

moody and indulgent bathrooms

imagine a bathroom designed solely for the purpose of pampering and indulging in self-care rituals. ahhh… pure bliss.

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filled with oversized soaking tubs, captivating material selections, and sumptuous grown alchemist lotions and potions, each bathroom embodies a personal, spa-inspired sanctuary.

once your pampering is complete, there is more to be discovered throughout the rest of the property…

cozy and delicious fine dining

an ode to the town’s nautical history, the ruse restaurant provides a fresh take on local cuisine — and you will not want to miss it. indulge in exceptional dining within a beautiful, cozy setting that embraces the historical charm of this locale.

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believe me, do yourself a favor and grab a seat at the bar. witnessing the bartender create one of their signature curated cocktails is almost as satisfying as the beverage itself. my personal favorite: ringo. it pairs perfectly with their burrata and grilled grapes appetizer. you’ll thank me for this tip later. 😉

curated and hospitable amenities

the perfect way to commemorate a restful getaway? bring something home with you. (other than the robe…) i recommend stopping into this beautiful little retail space in the front lobby for a fantastic curated selection of goodies…

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you will find everything from high-end housewares to personal care products, kitchen gadgets, and carefully selected jewelry and accessories.

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as the sun sets, what better way to end your day than gathered around a crackling fire? the hotel provides all the ingredients you will need to make s’mores: individually wrapped graham crackers, bags filled with giant marshmallows, chocolate bars, and a perfect roasting stick. it’s a treat to delight all ages.

so, will the wildest make your list of fall destinations? are there other nearby gems you love? you know i’d be delighted to hear!

in the meantime, living in luxury shouldn’t be limited to vacations or stolen weekends away. if you’re ready to embrace a home where inviting comfort commingles with chic and decadent interiors, you know where to find us.

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