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what’s a home bar if it’s not stocked with a few bottles of bubbly? (if you ask me, the answer is incomplete.) whether you enjoy spanish cava, french champagne, german sekt, or italian metodo classic (prosecco’s sophisticated sibling), you’ll need to have the right glassware on hand when you serve your favorite sparkling wine.

here at dhny, we’re always willing to sacrifice in the name of research. we’ve put together a quick dossier of champagne glasses by type — flute, coupe, and tulip. feel free to file this away under “fizz.”

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aesthetically speaking, flutes are ideal for showcasing the beautiful bubbles we all know and love. tall and narrow by design, the innately elegant shape of these glasses makes them ideal for mixing and mingling at gatherings. plus, you can toast without the added worry of spilling your drink (the horror!). imbiber beware — the word in expert circles is that the narrow opening of the flute prevents you from getting a good whiff of the wine’s aroma, which, in turn, impacts the taste. on the bright side, the shape is said to make the effervescence last longer.

final verdict: If you’re in it for the fizz, flutes are for you.


those searching for a sophisticated vintage vibe will likely prefer the coupe. it’s been said that the shape was modeled after marie antoinette’s bosom. while that does make for a good story, it appears that myth has been debunked. cinematically speaking, the coupe — or champagne saucer, as it is also known — was the glassware of choice in silver screen classics like casablanca, how to marry a millionaire and breakfast at tiffany’s. more recently, leonardo dicaprio brought it back in 2013’s remake of the great gatsby. a still of dicaprio toasting with a coupe even birthed a series of memorable memes. not impressed by this style’s film credentials? the coupe’s dimensions also make it the ideal building block for a champagne tower at your next extravagant affair.

final verdict: when channeling your inner bogie or bacall, this stemware is sure to evoke old hollywood glamour.


looking for the function and mobility of the flute, but not willing to compromise on aroma? meet the tulip. somewhere between your standard wine glass and a slender flute, the more bulbous bowl of this type of glassware allows the wine’s bouquet to burst forth and bubbles to dance — and that’s a party we want to be invited to!

final verdict: if you don’t own them already, splurge on a set of stylish tulip glasses.

tasting tip… why the good glassware is worth it

expert manufacturers incorporate imperceptible etchings into the base of glassware meant for serving sparkling beverages. what for? these tiny dots — which are called nucleation sites — are meant to ensure continuous bubble formation.

champagne glass, champagne flute, coupe, tulip

flute // riedel vinum champagne glass — elegant and ideal for mingling

coupe // viski raye faceted crystal coupe glasses — perfect for evoking hollywood glamour

tulip // riedel vinum cuveé prestige champagne glass — where bouquets burst forth and bubbles dance

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bring on the bubbles!

alright, enough talk about glassware, it’s time to make a toast.

…to hygge homes, to chic holiday décor, to time off for self-care and last, but certainly not least, cheers to 2019!