Frida Fjellman chandelier acid green
frida fjellman

cheerful, vibrant, energetic, fresh… these are just some of the words to describe my color crush of the month, acid green! i love a good pop of color, and this color certainly pops.

it’s a new year and what better way to start fresh than with a color that evokes freshness?

i talk about my love of greys and neutral tones in the blog a lot, and you can see it in my designs.  however, color can be one of the best ways to add focus and energy into a room. a strong pop of color can accentuate a space, a detail, or just flat out make you happy! who doesn’t want that?

check out these beautiful pops of acid green for some inspiration!


acid green interior decor accents
left: jenny j. norris. right: baden baden


i’m obsessed with that green chair on the left.  it’s amazing how much impact a throw blanket and some well-curated decorative accessories can have!


neutral rooms with acid green accents
left: yi chen and muchen zhang. right: benecki homes


look how stately this velvet acid green tufted sofa looks in this parisian-inspired room on the left.  i love how some stately leaves and a low bowl filled with moss adds life to a room as shown on the right. either way, the green is the focal point in the room!


acid green citron accent wall and duvet
left: steve domoney architecture. right: liza giles


i can’t get enough of this acid green accent wall in this concrete industrial kitchen. talk about contrast! i love how the ombre duvet adds so much brightness and interest into the otherwise minimalist bedroom on the right.

but it doesn’t even take that much to make a big impact. look at these simple details—


acid green accents kitchen bathroom
left: jj locations. right: abby lawson


but wait… are you ready for a showstopper?


acid green sofa in white room


this mind-blowing room by muzaburo is … everything. i love the black and white, the drama, the stunning ceiling detail, the way the coffee table and the floor lamps echo one another, and that greyscale rug.  but what really makes this room pop is—you guess it—that acid green sectional!!! just… wow! the mix of old world and modern feels incredibly parisian.

speaking of parisian… there’s more!! i’m in love with parisian interiors (see this blog post, and this one) and the acid green interior of song qui restaurant designed by humbert poyet is no exception.


song qui restaurant by humbert poyet

acid green restaurant interior
humbert poyet


i mean, mixed metals, black and white tile floors, and a ton of stunning metallic accents? i just can’t get enough. and look at how the acid green chairs bring in the green from outside!

ok, are you convinced yet? ready to buy some acid green accessories for your space? here are some of my favorites to get you started…



darci hether approved acid green accessories

a. lamp // b. mixer // c. trinket boxes // d. platner chair // e. tray // f. womb chair // g. vases // h. shag rug // i. decorative moss sphere

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still looking for some exciting acid green decor? try searching not just for ‘green’ but also for chartreuse, citron, lime, and apple! happy hunting, and happy new year!