the client behind this contemporary pied-à-terre design in nyc is none other than the man behind our full-home renovation in chappaqua, john (name changed). though he primarily resides in the suburbs with his family, he also spends several long work days in the city.

with his new home design coming along exceptionally, he was eager to bring similar style and comfort to his home away from home. he yearned for a comfortable abode where he could unwind and enjoy a glass of whiskey at the end of a taxing day — and we, of course, delivered the cure.

project scope & challenges

the scope of the project was largely based on john’s goals combined with his flat’s unique configuration. a.k.a. sprawling views. our goals included:

  • discovering a functional solution to accentuate (not obstruct) the spectacular view
  • infusing a soothing, calm color palette that is light in feeling
  • layering cozy, inviting textures for a comfortable and welcoming landing zone
  • create a space to showcase his impressive whiskey collection

for the most part, this project was pulled off without a hitch, but it did come along with a unique set of design challenges that inspired us to be extra creative. you know i will always sign up for that!

so….won’t you come in?

peaceful and welcoming entryway

the moment you step foot into this stunning pied-à-terre, you feel instantly immersed into a sweet escape from the buzzing streets below. soft, steely blue velvet and a touch of leather welcome you, while mixed metals — brass, pewter, and matte black — add irresistible luster.

the effect is chic and contemporary, yet so restful you may forget you’re still in the city. until you meander into the living area, that is…

comfortable and relaxing living area with a view

with show-stealing cityscape views in attendance (swoon!), this living area required a thoughtful design. to accentuate the views, we kept the windows clear and placed a plush white sofa against the wall. meanwhile, this powder blue upholstered swivel chair sits center stage, perfectly positioned to observe the ambiance from any angle.

because this wall was the only surface available for our client’s tv, a multi-functional samsung frame tv was the obvious choice. when not in use, it masquerades as a stunning piece of art, preserving the overall aesthetic beautifully.

at the edge of the living area is a custom curved desk, designed to fit flawlessly with the curvature of the windows. its sleek shape and idyllic location allows john to enjoy the panoramic sights while catching up on important phone calls or emails.

keeping the floor to ceiling windows bare was the best decision, don’t you think? an abundance of natural light makes this space feel bright and spacious, as if you’re on top of the world. which, i have to say, this nyc gem certainly is.

last but not least, this living area is adorned with additional furnishings — the charcoal ottoman, textured grey armchair, chic end tables and lighting — that infuse style and comfort into the space. enjoying the latest netflix hit is as easy as relishing a meditative and reflective morning overlooking the city that never sleeps. which would you choose?

clean and contemporary kitchen with a fully stocked bar

in the kitchen, contemporary-style white cabinets and a waterfall style counter create a crisp, luxurious, and light vibe. other stand-out features include these svelte bar stools, abstract art (perfectly capturing this apartment’s color palette), and eye-catching sculpture. together, they create an ambiance that feels airy and effortless.

now, let’s peek around the corner to see one of my favorite spots in the home…

well, are you surprised? 😉 we combined stunning aesthetics with practical needs and created this sleek built-in whiskey hideaway, perfect for displaying john’s extensive and impressive collection. old-fashioned, anyone?

tranquil and relaxing primary bedroom

sweet dreams are made of these. we continued the swoon-worthy color palette into the bedroom to create the ultimate place to rest. in true-to-form dhny style, the sophistication of this room can be found in simple lines, exquisitely layered neutrals, and drop-dead gorgeous texture. abstract art and muted blue-grey walls offer quiet places for the eye to rest.

zoom in, and you’ll see the details that make the design. from the textured duvet to the headboard to the upholstered, dove-colored nightstands with brass nailhead trim — there is no shortage of luxurious textiles in this space.

turn 180 degrees, and you’ll discover another alluring sight: this chic shagreen dresser with hammered brass knobs, topped with an antique tray, spa-worthy greenery, and marble accoutrements. these elements combine beautifully to create a dreamy place to pause, rest, and rejuvenate. ahhh….

the verdict

packed with beauty, comfort, and luxury, it would be an understatement to say john loves his newly fabulous pied-à-terre. as a result, we’re confident he will be enjoying stress-free living (and top-shelf whiskey) whenever he’s in town. mission accomplished!

inspired by this stunning home away from home? yours could be next. let’s chat about creating a space that seamlessly elevates your lifestyle.

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