there’s no denying that moving from the city to the suburbs can be a life-changing transition. how do you adjust to no longer having everything at your fingertips 24/7? what will it be like to manage yard maintenance after a lifetime of highrise living? will a daily commute in your own vehicle outweigh the convenience of the subway?

of course, there is a lot to consider before making the move. for our family, the charm (and square footage) of the suburbs was calling… and we answered.

if you’ve navigated the home-buying process over the past few years, you know it’s an emotional rollercoaster. after heartbreak from being outbid on several houses, we decided to cast a wider net and search beyond westchester. the stars aligned, and we found an amazing home beyond what we thought possible in ridgefield, connecticut. it continues to teach me so much about living the suburban lifestyle…

1. appreciating a peaceful pace of life

while i can’t deny my love for the energy and convenience of city living, i’m learning to appreciate the slower rhythm of the suburbs. ridgefield is nestled in the foothills of the berkshire mountains and offers beautiful, serene surroundings. my evenings are now spent cozying up by the fireplace (no more yule log on the tv!) or on the back porch, sipping cocktails to the melody of crickets and frogs. what’s not to love?

whether it’s early morning walks with neighbors or quiet moments by the fire, life in ridgefield has its own distinctive charm. while i might miss a few urban amenities, the trade-off for a tranquil, private yard, more living space, and a sense of community is priceless. and, if the city calls, it’s just a train ride away. 😉

2. embracing abundant space

city living meant embracing compact spaces where every inch mattered, and creative storage solutions were a must. it wasn’t always a bad thing, but the allure of more space played a pivotal role in our decision to make the move to the suburbs. feeling confined in our new york city apartment, the urge to spread out became increasingly apparent.

now, in our new home, the change is remarkable. multiple rooms for guests, an outdoor terrace, a dedicated home office, our personal laundry room (a true luxury), and a closet spacious enough for carpet angels. each of these things is an unexpected joy that feels like a manifestation of my personal dreams. to say i’m full of gratitude would be an understatement!

3. comfortably entertaining at home

i’ve always loved to host friends and family, but it posed its set of challenges in our city apartment due to limited space, location, and the proximity of neighbors (above, below, and on either side!). fortunately, our new home provides more than enough freedom for our guests to comfortably mix and mingle… without worrying about disturbing the neighbors. even better, they can join us!

so far, our experiences hosting in our new home have been nothing short of delightful. whether it’s a large dinner party, lively family gatherings, or a relaxed backyard bbq, the increased square footage and expansive outdoor space add a new dimension to our cocktail hours, making them much more enjoyable.

take the full tour of our timeless and sophisticated entertaining spaces here.

4. reaching new levels of productivity

my commute to the office may be slightly longer now, but it has become a productive part of my day. thanks to the commuter train’s wifi, i can accomplish a significant amount of work during my journey to the office. this time is reserved for handling important email communications with vendors, trades, and clients. then, when i arrive, i can dedicate my full attention to design projects with my team. productivity at its finest.

and now, this theme transitions seamlessly into my home. with the additional space in our new residence, i now have a dedicated office space that offers tranquility, abundant light, and privacy. surrounded by expansive windows framing the stunning views of the trees, my workspace is a personal haven of productivity.

an added treat? french doors that open to our spacious patio provide the perfect setting for mid-day work breaks. it still feels surreal to call this incredible space my own…

5. freedom in design choices

in the city, every inch counts, and we were extremely limited on what we could purchase. each piece had to serve multiple purposes. i still plan to keep our home clean and serene (read: clutter-free), but i am thrilled about the newfound flexibility in design choices.

this freedom means incorporating larger-scale furniture, having more areas to decorate, and purchasing exceptional pieces that may only serve a singular purpose but add a beautiful and personal touch to our home.

moving holds its own set of challenges (including navigating ancient items that we’re not sure why we’ve kept for so long!), but overall, we’re thrilled with the outcome. we find ourselves continuously in awe that this is our home now.

is it your turn to trade the hustle of urban lifestyle for peace and tranquility? whether you’re in the city, in the suburbs, or navigating between both, we’re here for you. and when you’re ready to experience the transformative magic of a meaningful, chic, and elevated home, you know where to find us.

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photography credit: kelsey ann rose