designer crush: stunning london interiors by louise holt design
stunning london interior by louise holt design


london is calling

cheerio my darling readers!

ok, clearly i’m trying to have a bit of cheeky fun here as those words would not naturally cross my lips! what can i say? blame it on all the fun of my recent trip to london… is anyone else completely obsessed with netflix’s “the crown”? blimey!



high tea

while i’m quite certain that i will not be invited to buckingham palace to have high tea with the queen to discuss all of the amazing history, scandals, and royal offerings that london has to interest a commoner like me, i did receive tons of wonderful recommendations from clients and friends.  I received recommendations for the coolest lounges, tastiest restaurants, and chicest boutiques to visit during our vacation across the pond. we had an incredible trip, dined at amazing restaurants, did some exquisite shopping and sightseeing… but what about my love for all things related to residential design?

a quick google search and a rabbit hole tumble down some stunning pinterest posts and in love i fell with a few british designers and their incredibly chic, tailored, yet modern interiors. case in point: louise holt of louise holt design.

oh! my! goodness! is it possible to have a designer girl crush on a person you’ve never met? louise’s designs speak directly to my love of simplistic, powerful and thoughtful details.




Contemporary London Town House by Louise Holt Design
london town house dining room – louise holt design

i don’t even know where to begin with this dining room! the stunning architectural soft brass pendant light? the super chic fireplace surround? the high gloss reflective ceiling? so many visually creative and thoughtful details and yet so calming and serene! this juxtaposition of senses does not happen by accident folks!


open plan living room in oxfordshire - louise holt design
oxfordshire living room – louise holt design

i love her restrained yet purposeful use of color. the palette of this room is neutral but full of depth and contrast.

bathroom and pool dressing room - louise holt designs
bathroom and pool dressing room – louise holt design

the bathroom and pool dressing room (above) highlight her clean-lined and non-fussy use of creative materials. i love the blackened steel metal paired with the soft blonde wood of the vanity.  cool and contemporary without feeling austere.  the floor tiles of the dressing room?? wow!

ready to see some more impressive detailing… check out this staircase!

bespoke staircase - louise holt design
bespoke staircase – louise holt design

how about this island countertop?  don’t forget to check out the amazing lindsey adelman light fixture over the dining table in the background.

chic london kitchen - louise holt design - lindsey adleman lighting
chic london kitchen – louise holt design

the simplest corner vignette of a bedroom or dressing room is oozing with thoughtful details…

gorgeous detailed interiors - louise holt design
gorgeous details – louise holt design

a. lacquer + brass + shearling, oh my! and look at how the oh-so-tailored drapery just kisses the floor….beautiful detailing never goes out of style!

b. quiet yet powerful…..notice how the custom hardware adds just the right amount of visual interest to what could be an otherwise ordinary closet door.  the curved lines of the eames management chair add just the right amount of softness the many linear lines of the room.

it’s so refreshing when i find a fellow designer that speaks the same design love language as i do, even if she’s all the way across the pond!

photos from my trip to london
photos from my trip to london. cheerio!

cheers ~ darci