as i reminisce about the last 16 years, my mind is filled with an abundance of emotions that are difficult to put into words. when i first launched dhny, i could have never fathomed the magnitude of success and growth we have achieved between then and today. but without a doubt, the most surprising reward has been…

the people. the individuals i’m surrounded by have played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of dhny.

to my incredible clients, partners, and team: your unwavering trust and loyalty continue to be a beacon of motivation and inspiration throughout this journey, and i am forever grateful.

to commemorate our sweet sixteen, i’m taking the time to pause and reflect. from humble beginnings to a rise to stardom, every single step has played a critical role in shaping dhny into the design firm we are today. so, let’s raise a celebratory bottle of bubbly and stroll down memory lane…

photo credit: jinnifer douglass

2007: humble beginnings

i founded dhny in 2007. with a vision for luxury interiors steeped in calm, comfort, and exquisite craftsmanship, i set up shop in the humble confines of a spare room in my apartment. these early years were some of the most difficult, as i gathered clientele and completed projects as a team of one, but i felt inspired and energized by each one. it was proof that i had found my calling.

2012: defining moments

it was not until half a decade later that i made the momentous decision to relocate to a dedicated office space in the city. it was a defining moment for me as a businesswoman, one that instilled the belief that i had finally arrived. (funny how a mere change in the physical environment can wield such a profound impact on perception, isn’t it? as a designer, i should have seen it coming!)

2015: rising star recognition

the moment i received the news of our designation as a “rising star” by the esteemed publication, new york cottages and gardens, will indelibly be etched in my memory. at the time, dhny was still in its childhood, and to receive this accolade was an unequivocal validation of my efforts.

their description of our work as “fuss-free design, characterized by clean lines and a sophisticated palette” acted as a soothing balm to my soul, reaffirming the distinctive style we’d worked so hard to cultivate as the hallmark of dhny. a style that, unsurprisingly, continues to this day.

pied-à-terre in the sky, midtown west, nyc

2016: feeling particularly published

the accolades continued as our work garnered several publications in prestigious magazines such as nyc&g and hc&g. we were bestowed with a plethora of recognition, including the innovation in bath design award and an exclusive invitation to participate in the designer showhouse of new york. additionally, we were featured as a premier designer for one of my many opulent hamptons projects.

each feature was as complimentary as the last, further catapulting dhny into stardom and quickly filling our project queue. what a gift! on top of the publications, we were lavished with several other design awards during that time, keeping me on cloud nine indefinitely.

2018: growing my team

following the glowing reviews and plentiful publicity, it became clear that my little team of two could no longer handle the day-to-day operations on our own. so, i got to interviewing and hired an administrative assistant, bookkeeper, and social media specialist. throughout the next year, our new team fine-tuned our processes and began functioning as a well-oiled machine, and we never anticipated what would come next…

photo credit: jinnifer douglass

2020: thriving through chaos

not only did we survive a year of incredible uncertainty, but our business continued to thrive. we saw an uptick in our clients’ desire to create an oasis at home, and our calendar filled accordingly with incredible projects. from westhampton beach homes and nyc pied-a-terres to sprawling suburban sanctuaries, our team delivered the best of the best.

craving connection, i decided to take a leap and begin my own mastermind group with fellow successful designers from around the world. having met each of these women at different times and events, i proposed the idea that we join together and meet virtually every two weeks to discuss business. i’m proud to say that this transpired into a life-giving and long-term ritual that continues in 2023.

westhampton beach home

2022: connection spanning coasts & countries

after a two-year-long inward journey of journaling reflections of what i desired for the future of dhny, i stumbled upon an available midtown studio — and that solidified my vision of what was to come. surprise! we moved in and made it our own. new furnishings, signature dhny styling, and the addition of more incredible new hires, and i am officially living my dream.

2022 was also a pivotal year for both personal and professional growth, thanks to the accountability, support, and knowledge of the mastermind group that started in 2020. this year, for the first time, we traveled from all over the world to meet in palm springs for our first (of many) designer retreats. there is nothing greater than building genuine connections with like-minded, goal-oriented women who just get it.

photo credit: jinnifer douglass

2023: how it’s going and what’s next

so far, 2023 hasn’t fallen short of expectations. our dream projects keep lining up, our favorite clients keep returning, and i have never been happier with the community that we’ve built year by year, brick by brick. i can’t wait to share more of what we have in the works, but… you’ll have to be as patient as we are. 😉

and that makes 16 years. i can hardly believe it. this journey has been nothing short of a wonderful whirlwind, and yes — i’d do it all again in a heartbeat. whether you’re designing a home in the hamptons or nyc, 30a or as far as europe, we will help each and every space spoil you with comfort and tell your unique story.

are you ready?

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