last month, i promised we would toast the men in our lives and today that day is here. this one’s for the fathers and grandfathers, uncles and brothers, sons and friends, and sure, why not that quirky cousin you only see around the holidays?

gentlemen, you know i’m all about pampering our mind, bodies and senses — and that applies to you, too. self-care is about recharging and refueling so you can be at your best for whatever life throws at you. (and it can throw a lot sometimes.)

if you ask me, i’d also say that self-care starts with a drink in the hand, but you know that already, right? 😉 in typical dhny fashion, we’re starting this post with a few liquid ounces…

the classic old fashioned

  • splash of simple syrup
  • 2 dashes bitters
  • 1.5 oz. bourbon whiskey
  • slice of orange

gentlemen, since i know most of our readers are ladies, i’m going to ask you to stop right here and to go mix those beverages. below, i’m sharing several gift ideas for you… and we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, would we?

ladies, come take a look at my favorite stylish, suave, and practical gift ideas for your favorite men…

dhny fathers day gift ideas kokoon headphone shaker adidas socks hermes watch strap

1. hermès apple watch strap

why he’ll love it: when he’s looking for a more relaxed yet stylish watch option to wear to the beach or a backyard bbq (and his patek philippe won’t do), this hermès apple watch strap in steely navy nobly rises to the challenge.

2. jet black barware

why he’ll love it: like any great at-home cocktail connoisseur, your guy probably has all of the necessary (and some unnecessary) bar accoutrements, but why not add to the mix? the gunmetal finish on this sexy set-up will have him looking for a tuxedo and channeling his inner bond. james bond.

3. modern general cocktail napkins

why he’ll love it: to go with the barware, of course! even the steeliest home bar needs a touch of humor… and maybe a little nudge to let the good times roll. i think this sentiment says it all, don’t you?

4. catch:3 charging tray

why he’ll love it: let’s face it, ladies… guys can be a tiny bit scattered and messy. they probably won’t admit it, but when the solution looks this chic, they won’t be able to resist its organizational charms either. set this baby up by the door, and you have the perfect drop-spot for phones, airpods, and keys. you’re welcome.

5. kokoon headphones

why he’ll love it: if you’ve been reading the dhny blog for a while, you know i recommended these during the holidays last year, but they are so, so good they are worth mentioning again. great sound quality and super comfortable. perfect for helping him catch some zzz’s on his next flight… and helping you get some shut-eye, too.

6. adidas athletic socks

why he’ll love it: true story, i recently upgraded my athletic socks and it’s been a game-changer. who knew that new sporty socks would offer so much support and — dare i say? — excitement to get my gym shoes on and ready to sweat? gift him these with the rocky balboa theme song playing, and prepare to be amazed…

7. bourbon & black pepper bbq sauce

why he’ll love it: yes, it seems totally cliché but bbq sauce and bourbon?!? what guy is not gonna love this? while you’re at it, feel free to send a bottle my way. my address is on our contact page. 😉

until next time, i wish you all a fabulous month filled with loved ones, happy times, and drinks in hand…

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all images credited to the talented emily gilbert photography