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the trials and tumult of 2020 are behind us, and we look ahead with eager anticipation to the story that has yet to unfold in this new year. we are filled with hope for brighter days ahead. the promise of a new normal is on the horizon. peace lingers from the holiday season that has done our hearts so much good.

and as our mindsets have shifted to focus on new beginnings and fresh starts, so should our surroundings. the new year is the perfect time to let go of interiors that are no longer serving you or bringing you joy. it is time to create a new reality, be reinvigorated by new surroundings, and bring a renewed sense of life into your home.

we know you are busy, however, and don’t have copious amounts of time to dedicate to a lengthy renovation…but in the hecticness of your life, we find the space to excel. our turnkey service does away with the old and ushers in the new. but what does that mean, you might wonder? great question.

at dhny, we solve your design problems and transform your home through full-service interior design that is thoughtful, honest, detailed, humor-filled, and completely stress-free for you. it is a breath of fresh air, and throughout the process, you don’t have to lift a finger.

curious to learn more? is it right for you? here’s everything you need to know…

photo by will ellis photography

what isn’t full-service interior design?

there seem to be a lot of misconceptions out there about full-service interior design. with as much experience as we have in the industry, we’ve heard it all. so before we dive into what full-service interior design is, let’s clarify what it isn’t

it is not piece-meal or à la carte

when a client comes to us with a project, we either do all of it or nothing at all. we will not handle bits and pieces here and there, simply because it doesn’t create the highest quality outcome. we believe in delivering nothing short of excellence.

it is not design only

when we start a project, we not only complete the renovation and design work. we handle all of the important finishing touches as well. you might be tempted to skip the final styling, but these are crucial to an elevated design that feels like home and looks incredible.

it is not a shopping buddy

when asked to design a space, we aren’t going to simply take you to design showrooms to shop together. we will ask for your input, but we will handle all the manual labor, heavy lifting, purchasing, procurement, and final installation.

it is not one single room

when beginning any project, we focus on cohesive design, which usually entails at least 3 rooms of the home, if not the entire residence. single room design isn’t in our repertoire, again, because it doesn’t allow us to deliver truly transformative results — and that’s where we excel!

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what is full-service interior design?

if you’ve been following darci hether new york for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard me mention that we specialize in luxury full-service interior design, comprised of conception-to-completion, turn-key residential interiors. that’s a lot of industry speak…so what does it actually mean?

it simply means that we work hard to ensure that the process, as well as your home, is enjoyable and custom fit to meet your needs. being exceptionally organized, communicating proactively, and working only with the best brands, subcontractors, and craftspeople, we oversee the entire process — you don’t have to lift a finger or worry about a thing.

our team’s commitment to service, meticulous attention to detail, and passion for great design will exceed your expectations. sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

if you’re on the fence about whether now is the right time to hire an interior designer, we have a blog post dedicated to that very topic, which i’m sure you’ll find helpful.

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who is the best candidate for full-service interior design?

our full-service interior design firm creates custom interiors for clients around the world with exquisite taste. which means location and hectic schedules are non-issues.

catering to busy professionals, we oversee all of the intimate details of your design project – for either your primary residence or vacation home, working locally, nationally, or internationally – focusing on delivering curated content for your urban or coastal dwelling utilizing our bespoke vision.


  • if you’re a busy professional with a personal life full of engagements…
  • if you value your own time and want to spend your days doing what you enjoy…
  • if you’re eager to let others work in their zone of genius…
  • if you have a primary residence, second or third home, pied-à-terre, or beach house that needs some love…
  • if you don’t want to lift a finger…

then full-service interior design is for you!

whether your project is across the street from our NYC studio or on the other side of the country, our team will create a cohesive environment that reflects your vision and unique desires while taking the renovation stress and design challenges off your plate.

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what’s included in full-service interior design?

we make it our priority to ensure that your time with dhny is an exceptional one! we come to the table with our focused attention to guide you through the process from start to finish.

this includes, but it is not limited to:

  • creating all of the detailed drawings
  • completing the space planning
  • organizing the trades and overseeing the renovation
  • sourcing and selecting all architectural materials (stone, wood, plumbing, lighting, etc.)
  • determining fabrics, furnishings, window treatments, accessories, and all other finishing touches
  • including distinctive custom pieces curated specifically for your space
  • working within budget and carefully watching the financials
  • placing and tracking each order carefully
  • communicating behind-the-scenes with all parties involved to move the project forward (contractors, vendors, delivery companies, receivers, etc.)
  • installing all components
  • revealing the stunning final product to you

speaking from many years of experience, i can very honestly say that the end result is always an individualized bespoke interior you will be proud to call home!

photo by emily gilbert photography

if you’re ready for a space that welcomes you home after a long day, reflects your cultural experiences and travels, injects confidence and ease into your every moment… one that changes your life for the better and provides a beautiful fresh start, please give us a call.

the dhny team would be honored to transform your home this year, handling every luxury detail from conception to stunning reveal. so… what are you waiting for?

cheers ~ darci