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First and foremost we love to solve our clients design problems and we do so in a very thoughtful, honest, detailed and stress-free manner. Sprinkling in a little humor never hurts either!

We make it our priority to ensure that your time with darci hether new york is an exceptional one! To bestow upon our clients ultimate renovation or design experience, we come to the table with our focused attention to guide you through the process from start to finish. Catering to busy professionals, we oversee all of the intimate details of your design project – for either your primary residence or vacation home, working locally, nationally or internationally – focusing on delivering curated content for your urban dwelling utilizing our bespoke vision.

tranqual bedroom-interior design

So, what’s our process?
We follow the same comprehensive steps for all of our projects – whether it is a full gut renovation design or turn-key interior furnishings project.

Initial Client Consultation:
We meet with you for a collaborative client and designer interview. We dive in and dig deep to learn more about you – your desired design direction, expectations, time frame and project budget – mutually discovering if your project is the right fit for each of us. This initial meeting can last up to two hours and is considered a working appointment where we supply you with valuable information, providing you clarity and a good direction of where you want to go with your project and how we’re going to move forward.

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Site Measure and Planning Day:
Upon receiving a signed Letter of Agreement and Retainer from you we hit the ground running. We begin by measuring and photographing your space and documenting any furnishings or artwork that you would like to see incorporated into the design plan and we meet with any Trades that we need to bid on work like the General Contractor, window treatments workroom, custom millworker, electrician, wall paper installer etc.

Preliminary Design:
With all of the information we gathered during the Site Measure and Planning Day, we begin drawing up initial plans, pulling together all of the intricacies of your project – be it architectural finishes, color schemes, window treatments, fabrics or decorative furnishings – and fine-tune all of the curated components of the design concept.

marble fireplace surround

Presentation Meeting and Budget Review:
We meet with you and present all of our exciting finds and designs! During this time we also review the budget, note any changes or re-selections that might be needed and wrap up our meeting with a very clear and concise interiors package.

Purchasing, Procurement and Product Management:
Taking the stress and time-consuming task off of your plate, we handle the entire ordering process! Creating all of the necessary purchase orders, tracking the status on all of the orders and making sure everything is properly accepted at our receivers is just another example of the many valuable services we provide.

custom statement lighting-interior design

Trade Coordinating and Site Visits:
Overseeing this critical step in the design process helps us to ensure a successful completion of your project. We collaborate with the various contractors, fabricators or Tradespersons and manage every detail during the construction or installation process.

Installation and Styling:
This is a very exciting time for everyone involved! This is when all of the furnishings are delivered and we are stylizing each room – getting everything ready for the big reveal! During this time we ask that the homeowners not be present, which allows for us to work our magic and adds to the owners growing excitement over seeing the completed project.

contemporary living room-interior design

Project Reveal and Final Walk Through:
Of course this is the Grand-daddy of all of the steps – the project unveiling! During this time we will walk through all of the newly completed rooms revealing how the initial design concepts have come to life. The final walk through is also a time that we note any, if at all, deficiencies and provide you with our timeline on correcting any issues.

Professional Photography:
This is where we schedule our professional photographer to visually capture our completed works. We find that most of our clients love that we are photographing their space as there is either the potential of having their home featured in a shelter magazine or design blog post and the images are shown on my website, providing them with some serious bragging rights and the ability of sending a link to their friends showing off their newly fabulous home!

so, let's get started!

We begin with a comprehensive 2-hour consultation. During this time we are able to walk through your space, discuss with you each room’s function (or dysfunction), the current furniture layouts and areas where improvements can be made – whether through new furnishings, window treatments, lighting or stylizing tips – or if a whole design is in order. We will gather information on all of your desired interior wants and needs and we will provide you with solid design ideas and suggestions, leaving you with clarity and a good direction for where you want to go with your project – whether it is with Darci Hether New York or with another great design firm.

2-hour consultation fee with Darci Hether: $650.00 (plus service tax)

* Starting January 2, 2020, the consultation fee will be $795 (plus service tax) *

Are you ready to book your 2-hour consultation? Great!