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i love the holidays! i love the smells, the gifts, the food, the gifts, the cocktails, the gifts … i mean who doesn’t?? 

but it can be so hard to decorate for the holidays and keep it chic and elegant! i mean … red and green? maybe in small doses … but i’d always rather stick to neutral tones and metallics!

it’s important to approach your holiday decorating just like any other decorating—with style! but now you’re thinking, ‘but darci, how do i make sense of this crowded marketplace of ideas and possible aesthetic choices?!’ (i know, that’s what i’m thinking too!) well, don’t worry, i’m here to help. so go ahead and pour yourself a nice mug of spiced cider and get ready for some festive eye candy.

just look at this yummy room by kate riley. she keeps it so light and neutral, and i just love those pops of gold! 

loving the white and gold? check out these:

ornaments by suzanne kasler // wall decor by dwellstudio

okay, go ahead and pour yourself a second mug because it’s about to get steamy up in the cold, cold north in scandinavia … i love how chic that minimalist tree looks in such a neutral room. that couch looks so cozy, especially with that big fur throw. yummy!

more in the mood for something darker and sophisticated? check out these luxurious silver and grey rooms from family holiday.

but wait … trend alert! look at these incredible led lights and trees! i’m seriously obsessed. talk about adding drama to a room! swoon.

restoration hardware

was that enough drama for you? no? ready for more? okay, hold on to your hats for these amazing ornaments and accessories …

a. menorah // b. wreath // c. star sculptures // d. votive candles // e. star lights // f. lacquer trees // g. knit throw // h. camel // i. ornaments

okay, are you feeling about ready to start decorating? i know i am!!

happy decorating & happy holidays!

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