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i recently completed a gut renovation of a tribeca penthouse apartment with rooftop terrace for a repeat client that was “moving on up” from his first apartment that we did about 5 years ago. it was an incredible project as it’s always a joy to work with a returning client and the “new” building he was moving into had an amazing amount of history – parts of which we tried to incorporate into our modern design of the space – that was also going through a stunning restoration.

the apartment renovation consisted of gutting and opening up the kitchen to allow for a more “open concept” plan, moving one of the two bedrooms to the other side of the apartment, and re-configuring the two very small and extremely awkward bathrooms into two spacious, modern and functional bathrooms.

here is a “before” look of the layout of the apartment…..

i've heard of a jack and jill bathroom before but a jack and jill shower? eww!

and here is a look of the layout after the renovation…..

now, don't these bathroom layouts make much more sense!

after the completion of this project, i had the apartment professionally photographed and then added those images to all the different social media platforms. yay!

well, that secondary bathroom went a bit viral and was featured, not once but twice, on houzz! additionally, we’ve received a ton of inquires on the overall design and the products that were used.

clean and serene!

while we do honor the fact that we custom source for all of our private design clients and therefore, as is my firms policy, do not share our resources, i thought it might be fun to create a “get the look” for anyone who was particularly drawn to this bathroom with items that can be purchased directly on houzz!…..and, bonus, if you use the below houzz code, you can get 5% off of your order!!!

houzz code: 4508A

here are my favorites to help you create a look similar to this tribeca bathroom that has received so much love……

wall hung vanity // towel bar // wall hung toilet // sconce // medicine cabinet // showerhead

don’t forget to use the houzz code to get 5% off your order! houzz code: 4508A

and what is the best way to reward yourself after a bathroom renovation?…..with a relaxing soak in the tub of course!

here are a few of my favorite items to create a perfectly chic spa at home…..

home spaaaaaaaa.....

1. diffuser  2. towels  3. bath salts  4. bubble bath  5. body brush  6. slippers  7. bubble bath  8. body wash  9. sea sponge

wow…..i don’t know about you but i’m feeling more than ready to go take a relaxing soak in my tub! till next time…..

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