for me, the holiday season has always been about reminiscing, resetting, and rejuvenating myself for the year ahead… being surrounded by those i hold most dear and taking time for some much-needed self-care.

sure, we’ve all been stuck at home for the majority of this year, but does that mean we’ve been taking care of ourselves… mind, body, and spirit…? well, probably not. we’ve been in survival mode… and rightfully so!

which is why i want to dedicate this year’s gift guide to this very category… self-care. from getting a good night’s rest to dry-uary (aka no alcohol january), extreme comfort, inspiring reading, and many more fabuloussss things, this haute holiday gift guide is sure to please everyone on your list.

oh, and the best part? almost all of these items perform double duty. they can be enjoyed fully now, but will also work wonderfully in our post-covid world, you know, when we’re back to the gym, out on the town for cocktails, or boarding a plane bound for our favorite far away destinations. you know i’m all about minimizing waste, so this multi-functional gift guide makes my heart happy now and later… let’s dive right in.

note: in an effort to be cheeky, i broke these into “his,” “hers,” and “theirs” categories…but believe me, these all-inclusive gifts are great for everyone on your list!

his ideal holiday gifts


  1.  this lululemon city sweat zip hoodie is as qualified for an appearance at the gym as it is for casual loungewear around your nyc apartment. versatile, stylish, and oh-so-cozy.
  2. the mark & graham carbon fiber leather weekender is perfect for toting your gym gear, packing lightly for a local weekend getaway, or using as a carry-on abroad. this is one functional accessory you’ll never want to leave home without.
  3. fairly new to the scene but making a splash, these kokoon headphones are designed with comfort in mind. they are noise-cancelling, wireless, and sleep-sensing, which make them ideal for an afternoon nap on the sofa or a long flight across the pond.
  4. this hermès single tour 44mm apple watch band embodies both fashion and function, making a subtle, but no less chic, statement. definitely a must-have for the trendy guy (or gal) on your list.

her flawless holiday gifts


  1.  these carbon38 heroine sport marvel leggings (sure to bring out the superhero in every woman) are perfect to go from relaxing at home to elevating your heart rate at the gym without missing a beat. who knew style could be so comfortable?
  2. this garnet hill cashmere wrap is cozy enough to wrap yourself in while sipping tea and reading a novel… but it does double duty as the perfect extra layer for added warmth on those always-chilly flights overseas. functional fashion at its finest.
  3. drawing inspiration from parisian nights, the white company’s noir bath & shower gel embodies self-care. scented with ginger, patchouli, and mandarin, this exotic scent defines elevated relaxation… whether soaking in the tub or lingering under a steamy waterfall shower.
  4. a mark & graham monogrammed 6-piece packing cube set triples as an accessible makeup bag for everyday use, the ideal tote for all your shower essentials at the gym, and of course, a must-have for the travel enthusiast who wants to stay organized on all of their jet-setting adventures.
  5. for the fashionista who favors function, this michele silicone-wrapped stainless steel link bracelet for the apple watch from bloomingdales is sure to delight. available in a variety of color combinations, this two-toned accessory is beautiful to behold and brilliantly designed.
  6. these cashmere slippers with pom poms from minnie rose are pretty and plush…the perfect way to start or end your day (or heck, work from home) in ultimate comfort.
  7. the white company’s silk beauty pillowcase for hair & skin is beloved for its anti-friction qualities, the fact that it keeps hair shiny and strong, and its moisture-locking properties for skin. self-care, beauty boosters, and livable luxury all in one… that’s a no-brainer.
  8. a papersource portable facial humidifier is perfect for your desk to keep you fresh-faced for that marathon of zoom calls. (been there.) but it is also one of those must-have travel accessories to get your skin back to gorgeous after a long flight.
  9. this wooden bath tidy tray from the white company is not only a delightful addition to your bathroom decor, but it functions as a handy place to store all of those essential self-care items… you know, the loofahs, bath salts, scrubs, and more.
  10. what woman doesn’t want to be even more fabulous? this book, “the essentials of fabulous: because whatever doesn’t work here anymore,” will help her do just that… focus on being the best version of herself in the new year, her way. self-care and personal development all in one… love love love.

their perfect holiday gifts


  1.  travel books, like “lonely planet’s ultimate travel: our list of the 500 best places to see…ranked” or the “cereal city guide: paris” are sure to inspire some healthy wanderlust and have your recipients yearning for the day they can purchase their next tickets.
  2. a pair of moma design store’s larq self-cleaning uv water bottles are as helpful at home as they are for traveling abroad… or hitting the gym… or taking to the office. basically i can’t think of a situation where this bottle wouldn’t be fabulously functional.
  3. the desk calendar, 2021 by sugar paper would be a perfect gift for the couple who is counting down the days to the time when it is safe to travel again. plus it totally doubles as a chic desk accessory and serves as a constant, delightful reminder that the doom and gloom of 2020 are in the past.
  4. this super soft personal weighted blanket by sunday citizen would be ideal for helping your favorite duo catch some zzz’s, snuggled up at home. but for those who struggle with jet lag and sleep sensitivities while traveling, this blanket does the trick there too. fabulous!
  5. remember when i mentioned dry-uary… sounds pretty blah, doesn’t it? drinking monday inc.’s monday zero alcohol gin ensures that your loved ones’ non-alcoholic month of mind and body reset is far from boring. this nearly-too-good-to-be-true replacement will help them create delightful mocktails all january long. you didn’t think I went completely without my beloved beverages for 31 whole days, did you? 😉
  6. these coyuchi catalina organic towels are beautiful, soft, and incredibly absorbent. treat your favorite couple to a complete set, which will help turn their master bath into that spa-like retreat they’ve been dreaming of all year long.
  7. a set of the white company’s glass champagne coupe’s are a fashionable gift that will be put to great use when february hits and we have things to celebrate… like making it through dry-uary, taking time for self-care… and hopefully, fingers crossed, a vaccine!!!

okay, i’ll let you in on a little secret… everything on this list falls into one of two categories: (1) items i already have and absolutely adore, or (2) things that will be going on my own personal wish list… because they are just that good!

you better believe i’ll be forwarding this gift guide to my husband with a nudge-nudge, wink-wink, and i fully support you doing the same with your special people. 😉

if you love the ideas on this list, but you were hoping for a larger gift this year… give me a call! i would be delighted to help turn your holiday home wish list into your everyday reality. after all, a home makeover can be fabulous, fashionable, functional, and certainly qualifies as self-care, don’t you think?

cheers ~ darci