akdo tile wall - tile trends 2018 - white metallic inlay tile - darci hether new york
akdo tile

i’ve fallen down the tile rabbit hole once again! we’ve been busy in the office working on a couple of new nyc and hamptons projects.  most of our time has been devoted to selecting architectural materials.  i’ve been going gaga over some real beauties i found on a recent sourcing excursion. i blogged earlier this year about my favorite tile trends of 2018, but one vendor that has me weak in the knees these days is akdo. their collection is inventive and exquisite, using updated designs on classic styles, all in a stunning neutral color palette…

when i went to their nyc showroom a few weeks ago, i couldn’t resist taking a lot of photos for my instagram. how could anyone resist with all this eye candy??


everything i looked at was so beautiful and elevated, and oh so contemporary!

walking into their showroom is like a breath of fresh air. akdo’s base materials are all very classic—stones like carrara and calacatta.  however, the way they showcase everything brings new life to an otherwise common material. all their tile patterns feel so elevated and chic.

take these beautiful metallic accents, for instance. tile with metal accents is nothing new, but it’s definitely trending right now! these would be absolutely stunning in a mixed metal kitchen or bathroom, or help define a dramatic bar.

akdo tile with metal inlay - it's all in the details! - darci hether new york

akdo metallic inlay white marble tile with silver triangles

akdo white marble tile with metallic inlay patterns

i love these gorgeous contemporary geometric patterns in their metallic inlay tile. they’re so chic and modern! these are all very traditional cuts of marble, but with a very fresh interpretation. yet, somehow, they still feel timeless.

and if that’s not enough, take a look at these stunning mosaics.

akdo white mosaic tile - tile trends - darci hether new york

akdo mosaic tile with a metallic inlay - darci hether new york - tile trends

i love the updated art deco influences on this mosaic tile, and the tiny metallic accents are like jewelry. they glitter and shimmer as you move around the room. it’s like the great gatsby jumped straight into the 21st century and onto a jaw-dropping bathroom wall… be still my heart!

akdo glass tile - dove grey - tile trends - darci hether new york

if you’ve been reading my blog or know me at all… you know i love grey. and i adore this grey glass tile, too. the narrow herringbone is so chic and stylish.  i love this elongated subway tile backsplash. (the cocktails certainly help sell it, too…)

tile trend - textile glass - skinny glass tile - darci hether new york

akdo calls this their “textile glass” line and … wow. the skinny strips of glass give so much rich texture. the light reflects in a way that makes the room feel like it’s humming in serenity. this look reminds me of luxurious spas and puts me in the mood for a massage.

akdo tile is doing a fantastic job of maintaining a cohesive and refined aesthetic. everything feels fresh and elegant when you walk into the showroom, and they’re not trying to be everything to everyone. they have a clear style: you either love it or it’s not for you. as for me, i love it!

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what do you think? do you love all of the gorgeous details found in akdo tiles? if you’re looking to renovate your bathroom or kitchen and are loving on these tiles as much as i am let me know!


cheers ~ darci