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in prepping for a little summer soiree we’ve been planning, i totally fell down the pinterest cocktail rabbit hole while looking for a little libation inspiration. very dangerous! at first i was wanting to keep it super simple with some summer rosé and nibblets but then…..this happened!

sparkling mocktail, watermelon rosé margarita, rosé spritzer
frozen rosé cocktail, cardamom rose cocktail, rosé royal

i tried a couple, ok a few, ok…..several of these yummies and trust me when i say you won’t be disappointed! the watermelon rosé margarita was probably top of my list because [a] tequila and rosé together, [b] watermelon and [c] peach garnish? i mean c’mon! all of my summer favorites in one very salted and chilled cocktail glass! what could be better than that? oh, well since i asked, this one could very well be better than that…..

boozy watermelon rosemary lemonade

and because i sometime like something a bit fizzy, i added a touch of seltzer water to this cocktail and it was pure perfection. so, before the season is over, i hope you have a chance to try one of these refreshing concoctions and sip in the last lazy days summer.

and if you’re dreaming of enjoying one of these delish beverages in your newly renovated and well appointed abode give us a call! we can create the perfect space for you andcelebrate by mixing up for you your preferred elixir of choice!

how about you? what is your favorite summertime cocktail? please share!

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