in my personal and professional experience, few elements are as fun to design as a stunning home bar. after all, what could be better than sipping a perfectly crafted boulevardier in style and comfort, right in your own home? not much.

in fact, i might go so far as to say that dreaming of your future home bar could be the motivation for an entire renovation. and why not? home bars are about the experience they create — the luxury, the ease, the sense of relaxation and connection. if you value these things, like i do, then you probably value an entire home that serves you in this way.

so, if you have been dreaming about a home bar that elevates your everyday experience, i would like to tantalize your taste buds with some inspiration: 3 home bar designs in 3 very different spaces.

whether you reside in a sprawling suburban sanctuary or a more compact pied-à-terre in the city, you will quickly see that creating an elevated home bar is always possible with smart planning, good design, and stunning execution. ready? come see for yourself…

tip: this design inspiration is best enjoyed with a beverage in hand… (don’t worry, i’ll wait.)

1. beautifully outfitted bar cart for smaller spaces

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your contemporary nyc apartment may not have space for a dedicated built-in bar, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a dedicated area for those specialty cocktails. in this tribeca pied-à-terre (above), we transformed an underutilized corner of the room with this sleek bar cart in a textured finish kissed with warm brass.

with three layers of storage, we stocked it with stemware and rocks glasses, corralled the spirits with a metallic tray, and dressed the scene with styled olive tree clippings and organic-inspired art. the result? a sumptuously sophisticated and welcoming space.

just as you might use imagination and creativity when crafting the perfect drink, our team uses a similar strategy to achieve brilliant design. 😉

2. bespoke, full-service wet bar

photographer: emily gilbert photography

in-home wet bars elevate any entertaining experience, whether you’re crafting the perfect old fashioned for date night or hosting a soiree no one will forget. installing a full-service wet bar is an ideal option for suburban homes, although — with the right amount of conviction — the passionate mixologist or oenophile could absolutely find room in a city flat.

in fact, this upper west side home (above) is the perfect example of a wet bar in the city. we selected antique-mirrored backsplash, designed this custom, chrome-and-glass shelving, and stocked it with beautiful barware. meanwhile, we designed ample counter space (honed stone or cambria quartz are our favorites) and custom cabinets in sultry black for functionality and drama. and let’s not forget the statement sconces! dramatic lighting is always a must.

3. chic, built-in dry bar

photographer: emily gilbert photography

a built-in dry bar is a marriage of the first two home bars on this list: it’s perfect for a compact space but it’s part of the home itself. in my experience, this option requires the most creativity, as it will need to fit seamlessly into the design. like a full-service wet bar, it is best planned before your renovation starts.

in this contemporary nyc pied-à-terre, we designed custom shelving to display our client’s stunning whiskey collection. we perfectly positioned it alongside the kitchen counter, where there is space for pouring and built-in storage for glasses and other bar essentials. the expansive city skyline serves as a stunning backdrop, and, well… need i say more?

whether we design a dry bar in your kitchen, dining area, or butler’s pantry, this option is sure to elevate your experience, treat your guests, and bring a smile to your face, too. and if you have a rare and impressive bottle collection, don’t hide them behind cabinet doors. with the right attention, they can be beautiful works of art.

indulgent spring cocktail: blushing st. germain

photographer: emily gilbert photography

i know your glass may still be full at this point, but just in case you’re looking for a future recipe (or a refill), here is a tasty, springtime concoction that i keep coming back to year after year. you’ll want to bookmark this one!

  • 1 ½ oz gin
  • 1 oz st. germain
  • ¾ oz fresh squeezed grapefruit
  • a splash of sparkling grapefruit soda
  • garnish with a thin slice of grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary

ahhhh… sip, enjoy, and dream about the ways to elevate your future cocktails at home.
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