chic 5th avenue apartment with views of central park. the lucite pendant lighting and silver metallic accents create an elevated dining experience.


are we clear?

call it lucite, plexiglass or acrylic resin, the clear crystal compound has had my heart for a while. this transparent material has been one of my favorite design items to work with this year — the perfect way to add a structural element without compromising the visual space.


chic 5th avenue apartment with views of central park designed by darci hether


light and airy

lucite has been used for years to create a bright, airy and spacious feeling.  the acrylic craze (another brand name for lucite) is by no means a new concept.  the sleek retro material was developed in the ’30s and became a popular home decor choice in the ’60s and ’70s. the futuristic yet vintage appeal is a retro nod to the past and present.

lucite closely resembles glass but is about half the weight and seventeen times stronger.  a great alternative to heavy, bulkier home furnishings.  furthermore, it’s easy to clean and low maintenance. the durability of lucite makes it a sturdy but glam contrast to traditional materials such as wood and metal.  not to mention, it holds up against fading and discoloration.  talk about standing the test of time.   



here are a few of the ways you can start seeing things clearly by embracing the translucent. 


necklace / sunglasses / umbrella / cosmetics purse / bracelet / hardware / sandals


the best part about lucite is its versatility.  the material is easy to incorporate into any decor scheme.  although the appeal of lucite leans more toward a modern aesthetic, the material can be seamlessly integrated into any design.  don’t be afraid to mix this sleek material into a traditional decor scheme. combining this material with other design elements is not only on-trend but a stylish way of adding an eclectic flair to your decor.  

go big or go home

a fun and bold way to bring a playful mod vibe into your dwelling is by using a show-stopping statement piece. think regency style glam with a side of modern-day functionality. how swoon-worthy would you feel sipping a cocktail in the kagen chaise shown below? and bonus, the visual lightness of lucite is perfect for smaller dwellings.


chair / table / bench / chaise


keeping it transparent

sleek lucite accent pieces are a great way to add a little fashionable element to your space. try an acrylic serving tray or decorative box to bring on the glam.  what could be sexier than a chic pair of acrylic and brass candlestick holders? adding any lucite decorative accent piece is a perfect place to start bringing some airiness into your space!

tray / box / bowl / candle holders

it’s easy to see why this material is making a statement in the world of interiors and fashion.  are you ready to create a barely-there aesthetic? #plasticmakesperfect


let’s be clear… we’re here to help.  check out our previous uses of lucite for serious inspiration or give us a call!