in a world where it is all too easy to accumulate possessions, decluttering becomes more than sorting closets and tidying countertops. as a designer, i’ve seen countless clients say adieu to apartments’ worth of items that were no longer serving them, taking only those most worthy of pieces into their new abode.

however, until last year, it had been quite some time since i had personally parted with my belongings on such a grand scale. during my move from the city to the suburbs, i found myself face to face with choices that seemed so simple as a designer but so daunting when those items were my own.

naturally, i learned what all of our clients do — the art of letting go is a journey towards personal transformation and, most importantly, liberation. in this spirit, i thought i would use my experience to guide and inspire your own journey. 

so, if you haven’t evaluated what’s in your home in some time, here’s why you shouldn’t wait…

tour this refined suburban home in new canaan | photography credit: kelsey ann rose

1. shedding the past promotes renewal

before my move to the suburbs, i deliberately curated my furniture and belongings, bringing along only the items that aligned with my current and future lifestyle. much has changed since my days in the city — in my personal life, my business, and especially my style. 

with careful consideration, i evaluated each piece, asking myself, “would i purchase this today?” if the answer was no, it was time to let go. (in fact, in addition to the furnishings in our city apartment, i also had several pieces that i had held in storage for nearly a decade, awaiting the moment when we’d have a suburban home. well, the moment arrived… and they didn’t make the cut.)

as you embrace decluttering, be it a neglected closet or your entire living spaces, keep this thought in mind:

our possessions often serve as relics of our past selves, reflecting who we once were or how we wished to be perceived. but as we evolve and grow, it’s essential to release the items that no longer resonate with who we are becoming. this is how we shed outdated identities and step into our new homes — and our new chapters of life — unburdened by the past.

tour this charming chappaqua home | photography credit: kelsey ann rose

2. clear environments create avenues for new opportunities

i have found this concept to be true in both business and life — when something is removed, it creates a vacuum that allows something new to enter. this simple principle is why i’m a firm believer that decluttering is more than just simply clearing physical space; it’s about creating room for fresh opportunities to unfold.

as we release the old, we welcome the new — both in our design style and in our personal growth. whether it’s shifting from traditional to contemporary, or prioritizing a clear mind, decluttering paves the way for a brighter, more expansive future ahead. think of it as a voyage for self-discovery and advancement, guided by the desire to live authentically and with purpose.

so, as you consider the possessions in your home, or even the way your home looks and feels as a whole, let your vision for your future guide you. what would you like to make room for, physically and emotionally?

tour this serene nyc pied-a-terre | photography credit: will ellis photography

3. visual space encourages clarity

i still find it difficult to describe the level of focus i’ve acquired since moving to the suburbs. it’s not only that i have more space, but being intentional about what i welcomed into that space has made all the difference. with each unnecessary item released, i shed a palpable yet invisible weight, inviting a newfound sense of lightness and alignment into my life.

you can do the same. by embracing the practice of decluttering as a catalyst, you can create a visual landscape that mirrors your deepest desires and aspirations. plus, as visual clutter dissipates, the inherent beauty and potential of our spaces is also revealed!

for example, if you’ve recently resumed working in your city office, now is the perfect time to cull the clutter and repurpose that unused office space at home. perhaps this can become a cozy library or, even better, your own personal speakeasy, perfect for entertaining guests with those exquisite craft cocktails. 

tour this relaxed and comfortable nyc pied-a-terre | photography credit: will ellis photography

your sanctuary awaits

with such rewards to be won, why wait until next january? decluttering is an art we should practice and ritualize all year long.

during your journey, if you find that your home is no longer reflective of your lifestyle or where you’re going, we’re here for you. no, we won’t be doing your decluttering, but we can harness the power of design to help you usher in a new, brighter version of you.

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