we’ve explored the enchanting beauty of paris, reveled in the sophisticated luxury of hong kong, and experienced rejuvenation in cambodia. now, i’m leading you into uncharted waters as we discover a dreamy destination on my shortlist…and soon to be on yours, too.

pack your bags — we’re going to a secluded and stylish winery in northern italy! before we walk through sunlight vineyards and sip their infamous barolo, i have to confess that this is the first destination in our luxury abroad series that i haven’t visited in-person. however…

i did have the honor of hosting a virtual wine tasting event here with several of my favorite dhny clients. even from afar (and from my other travels in this beautiful country), it’s a place where culture and community are celebrated, delicious food is a lifestyle, and sophisticated interiors rest around each corner.

does it get any better? i don’t think so…

the village of narrante

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welcome to the idyllic village of narrante, surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque vineyards. our delightful tour guide, chiara destefanis, led our taste buds on a journey through the piedmont region as we sampled organic wines from fontanafredda, famous for some of italy’s best red wines.

while we happily sipped, chiara indulged my curiosity by sharing lovely details about the vineyards and the grounds. when i learned of the village’s boutique hotel, i knew it would be a must-see. gorgeous interiors, the intoxicating aroma of delicious food and wine, and stunning views for days? that’s my love language. (hold for a moment while i go look for flights…)

now, let’s step inside and gush over these stunning interiors, shall we?

contemporary furnishings with a refined and classic italian twist

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meet the hotel le case de conti mirafiore, a newly renovated 14-room gem just outside of alba. this small hideaway is dressed to the nines in timeless italian furnishings and covered in exquisite rubelli fabrics. sounds heavenly!

naturally, i explored the ins and outs of this hotel (in the name of research, of course) to learn even more about this beautiful retreat. i’m convinced it will be a treat for the senses. from the moment guests step inside, they’re instantly greeted by refined luxury and relaxation.

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while each room poses a uniquely welcoming atmosphere, there are three room types based upon your needs: standard, superior terrace, and deluxe. in addition, each room includes a glass-fronted cooler containing a specialized selection of fontanafredda and casa e. di mirafiore wines for guests to savor. don’t mind if i do.

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when it comes to the design, contemporary furnishings feel fresh and modern, while sumptuous fabrics, printed wallpaper, and verdant views invite traditional italianate luxury into the room. the overall mood is one of repose, with smooth accent lighting and mellow tones. the perfect setting for a relaxing evening indulging in the finer things. and speaking of…

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each room features personal bathrooms appointed with oversized soaking tubs and wine-infused lotions and potions. not to mention the quintessential italian vineyard views you get to enjoy from the comfort of your private room. yes, please. should i pause here while you go search for flights, too? i can wait. 😉

charming outdoor spaces with panoramic vineyard views

last but not least, a trip to italy isn’t complete without somewhere to indulge in allll the delicious food the region has to offer. (this region in particular is famous for their cured meats and white truffles.) fortunately, this boutique hotel houses 3 restaurants and a cafe…and each space is more beautiful than the next.

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this elegant dining area features genuine italian leather seats graced with classic soft curves, traditional gilded mirrors, and romantic touches that inspire intimacy and conversation. when your multi-course meal concludes, the hotel has an exclusive panoramic terrace perfect for sipping barbera d’alba and watching the sunset.

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when should you reserve your experience here? if you ask me, it’s always a fantastic time to visit italy’s many wine-famous regions, but for an immersive cultural experience, consider traveling in autumn. during harvest season, you may just witness the harvesting process and taste the year’s freshest bounty firsthand. buon appetito!

in the meantime, if you’re interested in turning your own home into a relaxing getaway full of exquisite interiors and contemporary sophistication…well, you know where to find us. we may not be able to bring you the vineyard, but we’ll happily supply the wine and good times. 😉

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