we’ve explored the romantic pavillon de la reine in paris, and we’ve journeyed to the murray in magnetic hong kong. two cities, two memorable experiences. but today, i’m putting my favorite metropolitan trips aside for a different type of excursion, an unexpected and intimate retreat located right off the beaten path…

welcome to sala lodges in cambodia.

bespoke villas with unique architectural elements

this small, privately-owned village of stilt houses has been on my mind since my family and i first experienced this hidden gem. lush gardens, eco-friendly sustainability and simple, refined luxury. it’s a personal paradise steeped in rich heritage and ancient customs. and each bespoke villa is no different…

the creative mind behind sala lodges is an inspiring expat who lovingly sourced, transported, and repurposed eleven traditional homes from around the country. when walking the grounds, we were immersed in native cambodian foliage, the traditional village experience, and all the gentle charms of rural living. on top of that, each villa has a unique backstory to curb your curiosity.

speaking of curiosity, yes, i know this quaint village isn’t the signature dhny style you’re used to seeing. but it does embody many of the elements we value, such as authenticity, simplicity, and purpose. and, like all good design, it creates the exact experience it sets out to achieve. in this case, peaceful relaxation, community, and a secret corner of the world to just be.

also on the grounds, you will find a majestic swimming pool and refreshing relief from the cambodian heat. our family enjoyed many carefree afternoons basking in the sun and lounging by the gorgeous infinity edge, conveniently situated in the middle of the property. take me back!

meditative front porch with panoramic views

right image source: sala lodges

when we arrived at our own personal hut, we were greeted by the thoughtfully arranged front porch. delicately carved details, comfortable seating, panoramic views, and uncluttered clean lines offer a serene and stress-free zone. it was perfect for morning reflections with a cup of tea and the glowing sunrise, or restorative evenings after a full day at the pool.

authentic simplicity with modernized amenities

image source: sala lodges

different from the soothing gray hues and contemporary interiors you’re used to seeing here, right? beautiful in their own right, these well-designed rooms display their own authentic character. and each is unique. natural wood elements pay homage to the locale while handcrafted furnishings from local artisans add to the genuine cambodian experience.

left image source: sala lodges

rooms are equipped with only the necessities: comfortable furnishings, a place to rest, and a modernized bathroom with marble and a luxurious rain shower. the best part? no buzzing technology or big frills. this is truly a fuss-free and relaxing getaway that will help you disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself and your favorite people.

pro tip: for the complete wellness experience, book an in-room massage treatment! the accommodating and thoughtful staff will come to your private house and put the ahhh in spa.

more local beauty to enjoy

just beyond the grounds lies ancient and awe-inspiring cultural experiences in cambodia’s heart and soul: angkor wat, a 900-year-old buddhist temple complex. watching the sun rise over its peaks was a magical bucket list moment. it’s the perfect fusion of symbolism and symmetry, past and present, and an experience i will not soon forget.

which brings us to the end of our tour. whether i have convinced you to visit someday or not, i hope you feel inspired by the simple luxuries, thoughtful details, and ultimate peace created by this magical place. these are precisely the feelings we like to create in our clients’ homes, and that feeling of total bliss… well, it speaks for itself.

if you’re ready to unplug, recharge, and elevate your everyday, you know where to find us

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