journey with me for a moment to a breathtaking and deeply romantic city brimming with enchanting beauty. we stroll leisurely through picturesque cobblestone streets, surrounded by a unique mélange of old world charm and modern-day creativity. streets bustle with life and spirit, and our sense of wanderlust grows as we meander in and out of ateliers, fascinating galleries, and to-die-for restaurants.

after a day in pursuit of these delights, it’s time to settle in for the night. we enter into a luminous and lush private courtyard, where buttery yellow lights entice us to enter a sultry boutique hotel…

this is the romantic and luxurious le pavillon de la reine located in none other than chic paris. designed in the 17th century, this family-owned boutique hotel is a genuine historical haven with an exquisite sense of place. perfectly situated in the stunning square of le marais, the hotel embraces lovely, original character while embodying the first-class service and elegance of a grand palace.

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while dhny’s design projects adhere to our more contemporary aesthetic, i am always appreciative of differing styles. i find inspiration everywhere, especially during my travels. while le pavillon de la reine may be unlike the stunning homes i’ve had the pleasure of designing, its fundamental design principles — finely crafted details, distinct beauty, and a strong sense of place — are the same.

my aim with this new series, luxury abroad, is to invite you deeper into some of the design jewels i’ve personally explored around the globe. i hope they inspire you to recline with a glass of wine, bask in a world of good taste, and book that next enthralling trip.

setting the tone with a comfortable and refined ambiance

much like a distinct and welcoming entryway to a beautifully designed home, the entrance to the le pavillon de la reine immediately sets the tone for a sophisticated, luxurious, and comfortable stay. from your first step inside the lobby, it feels as though you’ve emerged into someone’s glorious living room.

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with a gorgeous wood-burning fireplace, antique furnishings, and soothing lighting, this space has a true home-away-from-home atmosphere (if your home was in a 17th century convent) that is warm and inviting. comfort when traveling? you don’t have to ask me twice. 😉

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i found this moody and enchanting adjoining lounge perfect for enjoying a delicious brunch and profiting from the hotel’s well-appointed bar. don’t be afraid to whisk a book off the shelves of their private library, either. it’s the ultimate spot for a bit of pleasure reading and parisian views. (you can thank me for the tip later.)

a classic use of bold patterns in creative & modern ways

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the “suite signature” and grandest space in the hotel, more design magic awaits. it’s adorned in a healthy dose of glamor, using a combination of damask, stripes, decorative wallpaper, and gold trim. at once iconic and fresh, this chic suite offers a creative and modern approach to the french salon. (add this to our list of walls that impress…)

in this suite’s bedroom, lively patterns and traditional details create a classic yet edgy vibe, that i’m tempted to call the typical french je ne sais quoi.

bedrooms with unexpected surprises

by now, you’ve noticed there is nothing boring about this boutique hotel, so it shouldn’t surprise you that each of their 56 bedrooms offers an inspirational getaway and distinct experience for every guest. while each room has its own voice, they’re all designed with a common theme: a brilliant mix of rich, opulent interiors, sumptuous textures, and deep, soothing hues.

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toile wallpaper, classic stripes, and chic velvet furnishings are few of the signature elements of these rooms, though the hotel isn’t timide when it comes to color…

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bold wallpaper, sumptuous drapers, and sunset hues lining stunning exposed beams… the room has a sense of luxury-meets-courage that instantly transports you back in time.

luxurious bathrooms and well-appointed spa

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last but not least, and certainly not to be missed, are the gorgeous bathrooms. filled with comfortable robes, stunning marble details, and the finest parisian lotions and potions, the space embodies a spa-like atmosphere, offering the perfect amount of pampering in your very own ensuite.

i also highly recommend a rendez-vous with the hotel’s beautifully appointed spa and adjacent co-ed steam room. it’s filled with ceramic murals, soft lighting, and a menu of treatments to soothe any soul. i highly recommend booking a facial before ending your journey.

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deeply luxurious, romantic, and sophisticated. you can see why i’m head-over-heels for this simply stunning boutique hotel…and with the others i plan to share with you throughout this year, from nearby italy to hong kong to cambodia.

until then, if you’re craving an elegant, contemporary, and luxurious space of your own, you know where to find me. our team will be delighted to combine chic inspiration flawlessly suited to welcome you home.

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