whether you’re relaxing in your contemporary manhattan pied-à-terre or your sprawling chappaqua sanctuary, one thing remains certain: practicing self-care is essential to a fulfilling and happy daily experience.

fortunately, pampering yourself at home doesn’t have to be pre-planned or elaborate. it can become a natural part of your everyday routine through thoughtful, intentional interior design.

in addition to inspiring refreshing new habits (like my personal favorite, nightly epsom salt baths in the winter), a well-designed bathroom can transform mundane tasks into luxurious daily rituals. simple chores, like washing your face, become elevated sensory experiences that bring joy to your days, weeks, months, and years.

so, how do we do it? through these 5 essential design elements…

1. serene and calming color palette

photographer: kelsey ann rose

creating a rejuvenating refuge at home begins with a tranquil color palette. we almost always select soft neutrals for the foundation: soothing greys and crisp shades of white to exude luxury, comfort, and relaxation. in fact, these soft colors have been shown to elicit a physiological response that calms your central nervous system. who doesn’t want that?

you will also notice that our bathrooms lean cool-toned, with minimal touches of warmth for balance. we can achieve this equilibrium in various ways, including touches of warm brass, nature-inspired prints (like the watery, floral wallpaper shown above), greenery, or other accessories that add a quiet beauty.

2. thoughtful storage solutions

photographer: kelsey ann rose & jean allsop

storage is far from a sexy topic, but it is a non-negotiable feature of luxury bathroom design. thoughtful storage solutions are what create space for serenity. for example, we love to design beautiful shower niches, deep vanity drawers for tall bottles, and cabinets with hidden wiring to keep appliances accessible but out of sight. this keeps counters clear, clutter to a minimum, and leaves plenty of room to breathe.

other elements of beautiful storage include what remains visible. we might choose clear glass jars for storing cotton balls, textured baskets for towels, or designated spaces for hanging robes.

3. exquisite material selections

photographer: kelsey ann rose

materials are everything, especially when designing luxurious, sensory experiences. after all, we feel materials with our eyes first. they can wrap us in an ambiance of opulence, sanctuary, and respite, even before our hands touch those smooth carrara marble countertops.

in our projects, some of our favorite materials include top-of-the-line massage shower heads, custom hardware with a beautiful hand, marble countertops and tile, hand-crafted vanities, chic lighting, and one-of-a-kind mirrors that double as art.

4. high-quality soft furnishings

photographer: emily gilbert

there is nothing quite like checking into a stunning hotel and wrapping yourself in a soft robe worthy of royalty. what’s stopping us from bringing that feeling home? begin by indulging yourself in comfort with high-quality textiles like robes, fluffy bath rugs, and oversized luxurious towels.

i suggest white towels and robes, to keep your space feeling clean and pristine, with the exception being washcloths. dark grey is best for washcloths, as the color will conceal any discoloration from makeup removal. to elevate your experience further, we may include a built-in warmer… enjoying a toasty-warm robe on chilly mornings or a warm towel when you exit the shower is the ultimate petit plaisir.

5. adaptable ambiance with layered lighting

photographer: emily gilbert

the way you experience your bathroom is likely to change from morning to night. whether you are starting an invigorating wake-up routine or winding down for the evening, being able to change your bathroom’s lighting will make each activity more enjoyable and effective.

to create this flexibility, we like to layer the light sources we choose for the room. for example, we may choose any combination of pendants, chandeliers, sconces, backlit mirrors, or recessed lighting. each of these can include dimmers for easy mood-setting, no matter what the occasion. (i also love to light candles, always!)

what is the ultimate source of luxurious self-care?

in every bathroom we design, you will find the elements i have shared with you here. however, the specific design selections (the style of hardware, the exact hue of ivory or dove) will vary from project to project and client to client. why? because even though we have a foundation, there is no generic formula for your perfect space.

rather, the most luxurious, soul-soothing space is the one tailored to you. you and your lifestyle are our greatest muse, and that’s what makes our work so special, meaningful, and above all, impactful.

if you’re ready for a bathroom (and home) that indulges your senses and brings effortlessly self-care to your daily routine, you know where to find us.

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