photography by vinícius carvalho

although the “mixed metals” trend popped up a few years back, my team and i have been using this technique for much longer. but then again, dhny has always been ahead of the curve. 😉 in fact, i’d go so far as to say that, done right, it’s a timeless look guaranteed to last. no “trend” about it.

one of my favorite places to incorporate this lovely mixed metal method is in bathrooms. because of the limited number of materials and finishes in bathrooms, mixed metals make a beautiful focal point that can bring any bathroom to life, be it a stunning powder room or a magnificent master suite.

so today, i have two things for you…

  1. a look at some of the swoon-worthy, spa-inspired bathrooms we have created over the years that feature a mixture of metals
  2. some tips for mixing metals for a chic, sophisticated, and yet totally unique look

let the eye candy commence!

a look at mixed metals in bathrooms & powder rooms

photo by jean allsopp photography

in this watersound beach new construction home, the clients desired a boutique hotel vibe for their guests, blending high-end design with livable luxury to create a cool, comfortable feel.

perfectly suited for florida’s scenic 30a region, we concocted this jaw-dropping powder room that mixes satin nickel fixtures, a soft brass mirror, and sconces in brass and glass. (you know i love great lighting in the bathroom!) these work together to enhance the incredible architecture of the window and wainscoting, all while showcasing the textured blue wallpaper that brings the oceanside feel indoors.

photos by emily gilbert photography

for this bespoke bachelor pad on park avenue, our team mixed a satin nickel faucet and shower fixtures with an antique bronze mirror. we then added blackened steel sconces and cabinet hardware to create a truly custom look that beautifully highlights these stretches of breathtaking white marble.

photos by emily gilbert photography

in this haute hamptons home, we gutted all of the bathrooms and installed clean, classic materials (like the drop-dead gorgeous carrara marble you see here). you know what comes next… we added mixed metal fixtures that seamlessly blend with this colonial style home, making the spaces feel updated and modern at the same time.

the guest bathroom on the left features satin nickel plumbing, soft brass cabinet knobs and lighting, and polished chrome mirrors. the finished product is full of historic charm and yet completely timeless.

to the right, in the master bath, we paired a polished chrome mirror, light fixture, and drawer pulls with a satin nickel faucet and shower fixtures to further elevate the already luxurious space. who knew mixed metals could add so much character to an otherwise black and white room, right?

photo by emily gilbert photography

in this modern financier’s pied-à-terre, we blended luxury with modernity, combining warm-toned stone, deep-hued walls, organic-inspired artwork, and of course, mixed metals. the matte black plumbing and fixtures pair incredibly well with the soft brass mirror. it’s the perfect balance of warm and cool, refinement, and a touch of masculinity in this opulent space.

rendering by darci hether new york

and last, but certainly not least, for this in-progress custom new build in bridgehampton, we again amped up the elegance of the marble with a mixture of metals that showcase each careful design decision.

satin plumbing pairs perfectly with the copious amounts of glass and black framing on the shower and windows. this master bath is at once modern and timeless, largely thanks to the finishes selected. and if you think this rendering (yes, it’s a rendering!) is amazing, i simply can’t wait to show you the completed space in real life. stay tuned…


if you’re feeling inspired and are eager to recreate this high-end, designer look in your own home, here are some mixed metal best practices to consider…

tip #1: keep it simple, then make a statement

i tend to keep all of the plumbing fixtures and fittings in the tub and shower consistent in order to maintain a semblance of visual cohesion. that usually means choosing a showerhead, tub spout, volume control, diverter, etc. all in the same finish.

and then to make a statement and add some variety, i might consider using a different finish for the faucet of the vanity sink (in addition to the lighting, cabinet hardware, and mirror, of course).

tip #2: focus on all finishes as a unit

as you consider mixing metals in the bathroom, make sure to think through the plumbing fittings, accent lighting, decorative vanity pulls, framed mirror, and anything else that might be enhanced from metal accents.

but don’t shop without a plan in mind. you see, mixing metals is all about forming healthy, lasting relationships. if you source each fixture or finish independently, you’ll end up with a conglomeration that just doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, and frankly, competes for attention.

but, if you select all of your items with the others in mind, forming connections that enhance the best qualities of each, then you’ll end up with a curated collection of finishes that bring a level of chic sophistication to the room.

photo by emily gilbert photography

tip #3: tend toward tried-and-true combos

if you’re new to the world of mixed metals, opt for combinations that have stood the test of time. my favorites? here are just a few…

  • satin brass, bronze, or matte black paired with satin nickel
  • antique bronze and satin brass (with a touch of matte black or polished brass for extra shine)
  • and the threesome i adore – polished nickel, satin nickel, and matte black

to see some of those combinations in action in other rooms of the home, feel free to check out our past posts about mixed metals in the kitchen and living room…they are sure to fan the flames of inspiration for your own space.

and when you’re ready to transform those mixed metal fantasies into a reality all your own, give us a call. our team is ready to delight with a bathroom design that blends luxurious finishes with mixed metals to create an elegant retreat that melts your stress away.

ahhh… can’t you feel it already? 😉

cheers ~ darci