photographer credit: jinnifer douglass

nearly 3 years ago, i found myself with a growing team, a booming design business, and images of dhny’s future studio space dancing in my head. it would have abundant natural light, clean and serene spaces to comfortably host our amazing clients, along with inspiring city views. i don’t ask for much, do i?

in october 2019, i began touring buildings and potential spaces, but i didn’t find anything that felt quite right. instead of settling, i decided to continue my internal journey before taking the leap…and thank goodness i did.

we all know what 2020 brought us, and for me, that included some much-needed and valuable time journaling about my business goals and gaining a clear vision for our future office. with each journal entry, my mood board began to solidify into a beautiful story.

then, precisely a year ago, i stumbled across a midtown studio that — can you believe it? — met every prerequisite on my list. a little furnishing, a little styling, some new hires, and now all of that journaling has become dhny’s daily reality. and trust me, it was well worth the wait…

photographer credit: jinnifer douglass

project scope & inspiration

our brand-new office space began to take shape with clear goals and, of course, our signature clean and serene aesthetic. the essentials would include::

  • dedicated workspaces
  • organized office supply and materials area
  • spacious and comfortable zone for client presentations
  • space for team members to hold meetings
  • creative environment for collaboration

for the design concept itself, we envisioned cool greys (you saw that coming), subtle touches of dark teal blue, pops of golden yellow, sophisticated black accents, and stunning pops of brass. many patient months later, the design has officially come together.

allow me to finally welcome you into our bright and sunny midtown office…

glowing and welcoming main entrance

photographer credit: jinnifer douglass

not unlike our clients’ homes, the dhny office will wrap you in luxury and sophistication from the moment you step through the door. a mix of warm and cool tones, this styled console offers more than meets the eye: a dhny candle, business cards, and good reading. the light fixture (catch a glimpse in the mirror!) in the reflective black and brass provides a warm, golden glow that radiates throughout the entrance.

photographer credit: jinnifer douglass

positioned adjacent to the entry, you’ll find this gem of a seating area, complete with sumptuous velvet accent chairs, abstract art, and a stunning brass side table. the perfect spot to take a seat and contemplate your future design plans, perhaps? then, waiting just around the corner, we have the room where the design magic happens…

clean and serene workspaces

photographer credit: jinnifer douglass

digital renderings, cad drawings, and any form of communication will come from this designated office area. i was extra thoughtful about creating individual spaces for each team member to comfortably (and happily) spend their workday. large windows allow natural sunlight to seep through every inch of our office. it’s amazing how much vitamin d increases productivity – not to mention our health!

on the right, a modular shelving unit is the perfect organized solution for storing material samples, architectural drawings, and project inspiration. it also acts as a separation from our collaborative workspace…

photographer credit: jinnifer douglass

this space is where we come together to collaborate on our designs, get creative, and present our creations to clients. white countertops were a must in this space, not only because it looks immaculate (classic dhny style), but because white counters make it effortless to see the quality, color, and texture of our material selections.

photographer credit: jinnifer douglass

with enough space to move around and piece selections together, this collaborative zone bears witness to the perfecting of many incredible design projects. our favorite part? celebrating, of course…

contemporary and sophisticated beverage nook

photographer credit: jinnifer douglass

you already knew there would be a designated beverage area, didn’t you? we completed this space with low-profile open shelving and minimal pops of beautiful brass details. it’s fully stocked with wine and champagne glasses to support our team’s “cocktail recap” each thursday. we work hard and keep it fun.

photographer credit: jinnifer douglass

and yes, that fun includes you. after every presentation with our clients, we’ll pour a glass and cheers to a beautiful beginning to our journey. if you’re a past client, i’m sorry you missed seeing our new, amazing studio in person. (we’ll just have to start a new project won’t we?) if you’re a new or future client, we can’t wait to welcome you!

pure gratitude

it would be an understatement to say that i am incredibly grateful to see this dream come to life for dhny. my own journey (going on 15 years in business) has been nothing short of enlightening. and like anything worthwhile in life, it has forced me to stretch, dream bigger, expect more of myself, and grow as a person and as a professional.

of course, i know that this has all been made possible by our clients and community, those who have supported us along the way and continue to love what we do. yes, having this new studio is a benchmark of our success, but more importantly, it creates an environment that inspires us to keep reaching new heights for you.

so, what do you say? won’t you come to visit us soon?

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